EXCLUSIVE: “A brother or sister for Scout”: Sarah Roberts & James Stewart share their dream for 2021

The Home And Away pair are ready to move forward after a turbulent year.
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2020 has been a time of both love and loss for the Home and Away favourites, who wed just over a year ago.

Sarah Roberts, 35, has publicly grieved through the loss of her brother to cancer, two miscarriages and, recently, the passing her beloved grandmother.

But it was the enforced lockdown earlier this year which saw her healing begin – thanks in large part to James Stewart, 45, and especially his daughter Scout, eight.

Scout made her stepmother a diary to write her feelings in, would bring her the stuffed monkey Sarah gave brother in his final days along with a hug and a cheer-up song.

The pair did tap classes together and are now reveling in being able to carry on another Roberts family tradition – just as Sarah’s Nan did for decades, they are going paint their names on Christmas baubles and hang them on the tree in their Sydney home.

The family are going paint their names on Christmas baubles and hang them on the tree in their Sydney home.

“Lockdown gave us the space and time to process everything that we had been hit with,” she says of her family finding their feet.

“The whole world is grieving at the moment, grieving for a world we once knew but I’m hoping once we’re able, we can try to recognise the beauty in how we put ourselves back together differently than we were before.”

And as for what they’re wishing for in 2021? “A brother,” Scout promptly answers.

“A new life would be the greatest present my husband could give me,” Sarah adds. “New life in my belly and a brother or sister for Scout.”

In November, Sarah opened up about becoming a step-mum to Scout, telling Nova podcast How To…Life: “We didn’t want Scout having some girl whizzing in and out of her life.

“I wanted to be a stable adult in her life and we didn’t want to bring that up or make it public unless it was going to be a safe environment for Scout.

“That always came first to us and work came second to that.”

Read more in the Christmas issue of The Australian Women’s Weekly, on sale now.

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