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Home and Away spoiler: Tori's torment as baby Grace is kidnapped

The beloved doctor is left reeling as her baby is taken.

By TV Week team
Home and Away is set for a thrilling week, as police finally start to close in on Leah's attacker and the Parata family are firmly in their sights.
But one of them will take drastic measures to avoid capture – even if it means putting baby Grace in harm's way…
On Home and Away, Colby (Tim Franklin) continues his investigation into the robbery at the Diner.
So far, his leads have come up short. But he can feel he's close… his instincts telling him the Parata family are at fault.
However, Dean (Patrick O'Connor) suspects his friend is a little put-out after witnessing Mackenzie (Emily Weir) and Ari's (Rob Kipa-Williams) relationship and wants his revenge.
Colby has been busy trying to get a lead on Leah's attacker. (Channel Seven)
While Colby rejects the idea, he wonders if Dean has a point.
However, the next day, Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) piques his interest when he questions him about the robbery.
Colby decides to make an impromptu visit to the Paratas and is shocked to find an item of clothing matching the description of the intruder.
With a warrant in hand, he returns to the house for an official search.
Things don't quite go to plan... (Channel Seven)
Nikau, fearing his family will be teared apart once again, flees the house.
As he searches for a way out of town, he notices John (Shane Withington) and Tori (Penny McNamee) on the side of the road.
After an unexpected tumble, the doctor has rushed to John's aide… leaving her car open and unattended.
Without thinking, Nikau jumps in the car and makes his getaway.
Tori gives chases, screaming for him to come back but it's too late.
The teen hits the accelerator and speeds away, unaware baby Grace is in the back seat!
Nikau doesn't realise who is in the back seat of the car... (Channel Seven)
Tori races to the police station where she tearfully informs Colby that her daughter has been kidnapped.
She didn't see who it was, but Colby already has his suspicions and alerts police in the area.
Jasmine (Sam Frost), later, overhears the commotion and places blame on Tori for being a bad mother. How could she let this happen?!
As Jasmine seeks advice on what to do about Grace's wellbeing, Tori fears she may lose her daughter forever.
Will her little girl be returned safely?

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