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Home and Away spoiler: Mackenzie and Ari strike up a romantic connection

But what about Colby?

By Tamara Cullen and Gabrielle Tozer
Mackenzie has never shied away from what – or who – she wants. But when it doesn't work out as planned, she's also not one to wait around.
In Home And Away this week, Mackenzie (Emily Weir) is getting impatient in her relationship with Colby (Tim Franklin).
The couple have been on and off since she arrived in Summer Bay. But the policeman's commitments to his duties, his past history and care for his sister Bella (Courtney Miller) caused him to call it quits.
Mackenzie and Colby have been on and off since she arrived in Summer Bay. (Image: Channel Seven)
"Mac felt Colby didn't prioritise her in his life," Emily tells TV WEEK. "He didn't have time for her. Granted, he had a lot going on with Bella and with his police work, but she's tired of coming second."
Now, Colby wants her back. But someone else might have stolen her heart.
Newcomer Ari Parata (Rob Kipa-Williams) has been coming to Salt every day to scour the papers for jobs. So far, he's had little luck, and Mackenzie has been a shoulder to lean on. Despite his reluctance to talk about himself, the bar owner is intrigued.
"Ari appeals because he seems drama-free," Emily explains. "He's relaxed and easy and she finds him attractive."
"She's craving simplicity and wants to avoid 'complicated'. Ari seems someone who's calm and relaxed with himself."
"He's relaxed and easy and she finds him attractive." (Image: Channel Seven)
Of course, viewers know he's actually a former prison mate of her brother, Dean (Patrick O'Connor), and is secretive about his criminal past. And when Mackenzie mentions her new friendship to Dean, he attempts to push her back to Colby.
Whether she listens to his advice, however, is another issue...
The following day, Dean finds Mackenzie sulking at Salt – Ari hasn't shown up, which she takes to mean he's not into her.
Little does she know that Dean warned him to stay away from her.
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Determined to get answers, Mackenzie heads to the caravan park to confront Ari. Not only is she met by a bemused response to her blunt approach, but also the surprising truth about his past. Ari finds himself opening up in a way he hasn't before.
"Mackenzie isn't threatened or judge anyone for having a complicated past, as she has one herself," Emily says. "She judges only on what is in front of her."
At the same time, Colby is preparing himself to fully commit to a relationship. But Mackenzie is moving on.
"Mackenzie has gotten to a point where she thinks it's over," Emily says. "Although she still thinks the world of Colby – and feels a strong connection to him – she knows that going around in circles with him is affecting her self-esteem. She needs to get back to basics and start putting herself first."
Looks like things are about to get very awkward...

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