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Home and Away: Is this the end? Jasmine and Tori’s friendship reaches breaking point

Things go from bad... to worse.

By TV Week team
Home and Away is set to bring more drama between two of its beloved characters this week in confronting scenes.
Despite their help and guidance, no-one can seem to get through to Jasmine (Sam Frost).
And this week, her obsession with baby Grace causes Tori (Penny McNamee) to lash out.
After overhearing Tori and Justin discussing Grace's teething problems, Jasmine offers to help.
Justin, however, is wary of her recent behaviour and offers to babysit his niece while Tori goes to work – much to Jasmine's dismay.
Jasmine and Tori's friendship is put to the ultimate test this week. (Channel Seven)
At home, Jasmine's obsession becomes obvious when she poses as a mother in a group forum, pretends Grace is her own daughter, and asks questions about teething.
The following day, Jasmine minds Grace while Tori negotiates another taxing day at the hospital.
But when Tori arrives at the Diner after work, she's alarmed to see her little one chewing on a plastic toy.
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Tired and angry, Tori lashes out at Jasmine for overstepping the mark before yanking Grace from the nurse's arms.
Jasmine leaves, feeling humiliated after her very public chastising.
Has she gone too far this time?

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