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Penny McNamee rumoured to be returning to Home and Away after being spotted on set

Is Tori Morgan making a come back?

By Tia Thomas
Home and Away fans have spiraled into a frenzy after former star Penny McNamee has been spotted onset.
Penny, 40, last appeared on the Australian soap series in 2021 as Tori Morgan. Her character left Summer Bay for London after she married Christian Green and had a daughter named Grace.
Penny in an old photo from her Home and Away days. (Image: Getty)
While on Home and Away set, a fan shared photos of their interaction with Penny and some other cast members to a fan page where they teased Penny's return to the show.
"We chatted with Tori/Penny who said her character was only back for a couple of weeks which is pretty cool! She's absolutely lovely," the fan captioned the post.
However, Channel Seven and Penny are yet to confirm or deny the return.
When Penny left Home and Away in 2021 after five "amazing" years, she confessed to TV WEEK there was a "great sense of relief."
Penny starred as Tori in H&A. (Image: Getty)
"It's a demanding job. And the immense pressure I was under, juggling the role and motherhood and bringing up kids … it felt like a load had been lifted off my shoulders," she said.
"It was hard."
Despite the little sleep some nights and big workload, Penny declared it was "all worth it."
"I would do it all again, if I had my time over," she told TV WEEK.
"I look back it at all and think, 'Wow, what a ride.' I'm so grateful for all of it. Even in my 30s, I still remember being that little girl who would have loved to have been on Home And Away."
Earlier this year in March 2023, Penny did return to Home and Away but not as her character Tori, but rather as a writer.
In a post shared to Instagram, the Aussie actress shared a photo of the show's end credits.
"PLoTwiST! Different place in the credits - same legendary team," she captioned the photo.

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