The Australian celebrities who have bravely opened up about their struggles with infertility

One in six Australian women struggle with infertility.

By Faye Couros
Deciding to fall pregnant is the start of a unique journey that has no guarantees, and it isn't always a straightforward process.
According to IVF Australia one in six Australian couples are affected by infertility, which is an issue that effects both men and women.
IVF Australia also reports that 40 per cent of cases are "found within the female reproductive system, and a third will have a combination of male and female factors."
There are a host of reasons infertility may occur from problems with eggs, sperm, anatomical structure, hormonal, or immunity issues.
The infertility industry is mammoth and there are plenty of options for couples to choose like IVF, egg freezing, adoption, and surrogacy.
The journey to conceive a child can be deeply emotional, physically exhausting, and expensive.
The process of create a family is deeply personal and the choice to be private about it is valid, but these Australian celebrities have chosen to bravely open up about their experience with infertility.
Their admissions about their experience and how it affected them has been important to help normalise alternative ways to have a child.
These are the candid stories of how Australian celebrities have braved infertility to have their children.