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Former Home And Away star Jake Ryan shares his “beautiful and rewarding” first year as a father

His son, Wolf, is about to turn one!

By Maddison Hockey
When Jake Ryan left Home And Away, in a shockingly tragic storyline that's left fans gutter, he focused all his attention on his newborn son, Wolf.
Jake wrapped filming just before the birth of his first son with partner Alice Quiddington.
"To have that time was really special. I wouldn't have been able to juggle it otherwise, the hours are a lot," he told TV WEEK at the time.
"He's healthy and happy, but it's non-stop. We're getting used to it all now and sleep deprivation is all part of it! [laughs]"
Jake and his son, Wolf. (Instagram)
Now as Wolf reaches a huge milestone – his first birthday – the actor is reflecting on becoming a father.
"It's not an easy road; fatherhood or parenthood. But it's the most rewarding and beautiful time. I've loved every second of it," told Daily Mail.
Jake says his focus for now is his son. And what he's lacking in sleep, he says is made up for by the "beautiful and rewarding" journey that is fatherhood.
"My days are just consumed with him, and everything that you sort of do for life is about your child now which is great. It's nice to have that, to have someone else to work towards, apart from yourself," he says.
We'd be consumed too over this cutie! (Instagram)
The 36-year-old revealed it was his time playing a father on Home And Away that proved surprising practice for the real thing.
"I kind of laugh at Robbo's storyline, because as I was sort of leaving the show he was becoming a father and I got a great crash course on how to deal with babies for the last eight weeks that I was there."
Jake's character Robbo with his on-screen partner Jasmine Delaney (Sam Frost) - becoming a father on the show gave Jake a "crash course" in parenthood. (Channel Seven)
Jake's character Robbo was killed after he discovered his partner Scott had been turned by the Ouroboros gang - the same gang that wanted him dead.
Trapped in a car with the man he once trusted with his life, Robbo wrestled for control of the car, before it crashed at a high speed. Robbo was eventually rushed to hospital where it looked as though he would survive.
But the heartache wasn't over as fans watched him ask Colby (Tim Franklin) to look after the woman he loved, Jasmine (Sam Frost).
He then went into cardiac arrest and doctors were unable to revive him.
For Jake, however, real life is treating him well as he spends time with his young family.
Robbo's end on the show was heartbreaking. (Channel Seven)

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