EXCLUSIVE: Home and Away's Jake Ryan reveals why he was "ready to move on" and leave Summer Bay

''It's sad to leave but my time was done there.''

By Maddison Hockey and Tamara Cullen
Yes, our hearts haven't recovered and we're not sure when they will.
There was never a dull moment for Robbo Shaw in Home and Away.
From his amnesiac state when he arrived in Summer Bay, to his gut-wrenching demise in the finale, the federal officer never settled.
And this week, it came to a heart-wrenching end.
Robbo discovered his partner Scott had been turned by the Ouroboros gang whilst trapped in a car.
As the duo wrestled for control of the car, the tires lose traction and crashed at a high speed. Robbo was eventually rushed to hospital where it looked as though he would survive.
But alas, our heartache wasn't over and fans watched as he asked Colby (Tim Franklin) to look after his love Jasmine (Sam Frost).
He then went into cardiac arrest, unable to be revived by doctors.
Robbo (Jake Ryan) and Jasmine (Sam Frost) pictured on their wedding day. Supplied
Robbo leaves behind his gorgeous wife and child. Supplied
Speaking exclusively to TV WEEK, actor Jake Ryan explains exactly what his character was feeling in that moment.
"Robbo knows he's dying in that moment and asks Jasmine to go home, which is somewhat selfish to not say goodbye, but that's him isn't it?" Jake, 36, tells TV WEEK of the final scenes.
"Robbo has been a protective guy from the beginning, which is what made him so great to play."
The tragic crash that ended it all. Supplied
For Jake, the final moments were everything he hoped for his character - a big finish with heart.
"The last scene I shot was extra emotional because Robbo was saying goodbye to Grace and Tori [Penny McNamee], and once they called cut, I was saying goodbye to the cast. Everyone bands together on those big, emotional days. It was a nice mood around the set. We all respect those storylines."
While Jake admits to being a "blubbering mess" on his final day, the actor is excited to start a new chapter in his career.
He has been on the show since 2017.
"It's sad to leave but my time was done there," he says.
"They did such a great storyline with Robbo and there wasn't much else to do with him. You want to go out on a high while you can."
Jake says he was ready to leave the show. Supplied
Of course, it's hard to say goodbye to his co-star Sam Frost and other cast members.
"I'll miss them all so much," he says.
"It's been an incredible ride. But you have to know when to call it with characters and I've been so fortunate with the storylines I had."
Jake is already carving out a post-HAA career with roles in two films in the pipeline: Streamline and Dishonest Bunch.
"As long as the character and story is right, I'm open to both film and TV," he says.
"There's so much quality content being made right now. If it challenges me, I'm open to it. I just want to do roles I'm proud of."
WATCH BELOW: See Robbo and Jasmine tie the knot on Home and Away. Story continues after video.
Meanwhile, life at home can't get much sweeter life at home with his partner Alice Quiddington and their newborn son, Wolf.
"It's amazing," he says. "I was able to finish Home and Away just before the birth, which was great. To have that time was really special. I wouldn't have been able to juggle it otherwise, the hours are a lot.
"He's healthy and happy, but it's non-stop. We're getting used to it all now and sleep deprivation is all part of it! [laughs]"

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