Body on the beach: Who killed PK on Home and Away? All the potential suspects revealed

Nerves are reaching an all-time high.
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In this week’s Home and Away episode, the peaceful sand of Summer Bay is turned into a crime scene when Leah (Ada Nicodemou) and Justin (James Stewart) discover the body of PK (Ryan Johnson) on the beach.

Policewoman Rose (Kirsty Marillier) arrives to assess the body, noting signs of violence, while the coroner deduces the time of death was days earlier.

Fellow cop Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) rules the death suspicious and opens up a murder investigation. But who is the killer?

TV WEEK takes a look at the possible suspects.

Rose shows Cash the victim’s ID.

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If there was anyone in town hellbent on getting revenge, it’s Mac (Emily Weir). The owner of Salt was recently hustled by PK who manipulated her into debt, before trying to seduce her.

When she rejected him, PK sent two armed men to ransack Salt. The commotion put Tane (Ethan Browne) in harm’s way and he was stabbed.

Mac has lost everything; money, business, friends and even her boyfriend. It’s enough to drive anyone mad.

“Lives are on the line, people’s wellbeing, their freedom and their future all rest in what happens next,” Emily, 30, tells TV WEEK. “Mackenzie feels responsible for all of it.”

The peaceful sand of Summer Bay is turned into a crime scene when Leah and Justin discover the body of PK on the beach.

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To protect his sister Mac and son Jai (River Jarvis), Dean (Patrick O’Connor) recruited the River Boys to send a message.

They kidnapped PK and brought him, bound and gagged in the trunk boot of a car, to the mercy of Dean in an abandoned car park.

Viewers later saw Dean washing blood off his hands. Is he capable of murder?


Stuck between two worlds and in debt to PK, Nathan (Ryan Panizza) became the fall guy for PK’s schemes.

At his boss’ command, he orchestrated the robbery at Salt but tried to stop it from happening, pleading with PK to end the vendetta against Mac. Backed into a corner, this may have been his only way out.

Who do you think is responsible for PK’s death?

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She may be a policeman’s sister but Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) plays by her own rules.

Burdened by guilt for her hand in the illegal poker nights and scared of losing her boyfriend Tane, Felicity tried to play PK at his own game.

Just how far did she go?

Alf knows how vital the operation is for both Roo and Martha.

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Roo and Martha ready for surgery

After many obstacles and a long wait, the time has finally arrived for Roo (Georgie Parker) and Martha (Belinda Giblin) to undergo surgery.

Nerves are high in the Stewart household as Roo keeps herself busy, refusing to discuss what happens if the kidney transplant her mother needs may not go to plan.

At the hospital, Alf (Ray Meagher) bids a teary goodbye to the most important women of his life as they’re wheeled off to the operating theatres. Will they be OK?

Home and Away airs Monday to Thursday, 7pm, Channel Seven.

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