Will new romance blossom between Theo and Kirby on Home And Away?

It looks like love for these two.
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Fresh from his first out-of-town gig, Theo is buzzing. But there’s even more excitement when he and Kirby find themselves sharing a steamy moment!

This week, Kirby (Angelina Thomson) invites Theo (Matt Evans) to come over for dinner to debrief with Remi (Adam Rowland) and Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) about the band, Lyrik. The songwriter believes Theo could be the key to breaking into the music industry, even if he’s not so convinced himself.

“Kirby and Theo’s mutual passion for music is a deep connection.”

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Theo arrives for dinner and is surprised to find Kirby alone. Remi and Eden declined the meal and headed out to a party instead. Despite not knowing each other that well, they find common ground and hit it off.

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“The band took on the stressful job of finding a new lead singer [after Bob, played by Rob Mallett, left] and were taken aback when Theo walked through the door,” Angelina tells TV WEEK.

“Kirby and Theo’s mutual passion for music is a deep connection.”

Soon, night turns to morning. They’ve spent the whole night writing songs and jamming. At home, Justin (James Stewart) panics. Where is Theo?

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In recent episodes, Justin has feared Theo’s band commitments may affect the young man’s studies. Now, going out to play gigs could see it get worse.

Meanwhile, Theo and Kirby bask in their success – they’ve written a new song! Kirby pulls Theo in for a hug, the moment lingering before they lock lips. Is this the start of a new romance?

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