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"Tane goes into survival mode": Lives are on the line during a dramatic shoot-out on Home and Away

Someone gets shot and may not survive.

By Tamara Cullen
Hold your breath, Home And Away fans. This week, someone may not make it out alive.
In a remote warehouse, surrounded by bikie toughs, Tane (Ethan Browne) begins to sweat. He pretends he wants to discuss business with Tex (Lucas Linehan) and Marty (Ben Wood), but he actually hopes to secretly record a confession from the bikies about using his gym to launder dirty money.
Outside, police officers Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) and Rose (Kirsty Marillier) listen in via an earpiece.
Cash gets caught up in the mayhem. (Image: Seven)
"It's a full-on raid, but Cash and Rose have to be so careful," Nicholas tells TV WEEK of the dangerous scenario.
Earlier, Tane and Rose – who is continuing to date Tex to gain information about him – formulated a plan to bring down the gang. The risky move could give Tane his freedom, or cost him dearly.
"Tane agrees initially to buy time to formulate a plan to take down the gang. He feigns co-operation so they don't get suspicious," Ethan, 31, tells TV WEEK.
"But the gang have threatened to go for his family if he doesn't comply, so he does whatever he can to prevent that."
"It's a full-on raid, but Cash and Rose have to be so careful." (Image: Seven)
Back in Summer Bay, Tane's partner Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) and nephew Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) are worried. Tane is missing and won't answer their calls. Nikau has an idea to use the Find My Phone tracker app.
When his phone tracks his uncle to the bikie headquarters, they race to help him. But are they walking into a trap?
As Tane tries to elicit the information he needs, the bikies begin to suspect something. Tex, however, is overly confident and brags about their criminal activity.
It's enough for Rose to signal the raid – just as Nikau bursts in.
"Tane now has to go into survival mode," Ethan says. "It's complete chaos."
Sirens wail in the distance, panicking the bikies, who're collared when the cops swoop. In the mayhem, Tane tries to protect his loved ones, while Rose and Cash pursue a fleeing Tex and Marty.
"Filming the raid was so much fun," Lucas says.
It's too late for one character as a shot rings out. (Image: Seven)
"Having so many moving pieces and creating a chaotic scene meant the environment had to be even more controlled than usual. There were stunt drivers, weapons armourers, the works!"
As the police chase continues, the bikies draw their guns. Tane and Nikau flee, while Cash and Rose take cover. But it's too late for one character as a shot rings out and somebody slumps to the ground.
Who's been hit?

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