Home and Away: Tane proposes to Felicity – but can she get past her commitment issues and say yes?

''Can she grow out of this fear and take the risk?''
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For many women, seeing your partner down on one knee is a dream come true. For Felicity, however, the event is a little more complicated.

This week in Home And Away, Flick (Jacqui Purvis) is asked the big question when Tane (Ethan Browne) whisks her away for a beautiful date by the lighthouse, surrounded by family and friends.

But after the few weeks she’s endured, dealing with her policeman brother Cash’s (Nicholas Cartwright) unpredictable state following the violent shootout at the bikie headquarters, is her head in the right place to make a life-changing decision?

“She doesn’t expect it at all. It’s a massive shock.”

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“Flick thinks Tane is just being extra-sweet, because things have been super-tough recently with Cash,” Jacqui tells TV WEEK. “And because she’s been so distracted with it all, she doesn’t really think twice about it.”

As the couple reach the top of the hill and pour themselves a glass of bubbly, the sweet sounds of an original love song by Lyrik fill the air.

When Felicity takes in the gorgeous picnic and the man she loves in front of her, it sinks in: Tane is about to propose!

Lyrik arrives to sing to Tane and Felicity.

(Image: Seven)

“She doesn’t expect it at all,” Jacqui says. “It’s a massive shock.”

But as Tane gets down on one knee, and asks, “Will you marry me?” a dumbfounded Felicity doesn’t know how to respond.

“Commitment is one of Flick’s biggest fears,” Jacqui explains.

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“She can’t stand the thought of losing someone she loves. So to commit, in Flick’s mind, is allowing loss to happen.

“Can she grow out of this fear and take the risk, and realise that sometimes it’s worth it, even if there’s a possibility of loss?”

After going through so much together, is this a step too far for Tane and Felicity’s relationship – or is she finally prepared to confront her deepest fear?

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