Home and Away spoilers: Will Remi’s hot pursuit end in tragedy?

Horror crash.
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An innocent camping trip turns into a fight for survival in the gripping season finale of Home And Away.

To try to leave behind her family drama, Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) and boyfriend Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) decide to enjoy a romantic holiday. But it’s not the luxury trip Eden had in mind.

Remi is caught in a terrible car accident.

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When the couple arrive at a remote camp site, Cash grins happily. It’s the last place Eden wants to be, but she masks her disappointment.

“I’m happy anywhere I am with you,” she says in a strained embrace.

Back in Summer Bay, Remi (Adam Rowland) is handling his own crisis when girlfriend Bree (Juliet Godwin) announces she wants to join Doctors Without Borders and Remi to come too.

“Having found the love of his life, it’s difficult for Remi to consider being apart from Bree for so long,” Adam tells TV WEEK. “But after everything they’ve been through already, he knows she needs to do this for herself, regardless of whether he can go or not.”

Thrown from his bike, Remi lies motionless.

(Image: Seven)

Remi, torn between his life as a musician and the woman he loves, wants to discuss Bree’s news about Doctors Without Borders with his friend Eden when she calls him. She wants to come home and asks Remi if he’d come to pick her up on his motorbike.

Unfortunately, Cash has overheard everything and isn’t happy.

With nothing but the open road and time to think, Remi heads off to collect his friend. But en route, he’s struck by a car hurtling towards him with two men tussling behind the wheel. Thrown from his bike, Remi lies motionless.

“After a collision like that, it would seem entirely likely no-one would survive,” Adam says.

Who are the two men – and is Remi unconscious or worse?

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