Fans hopeful Sarah Roberts will return to Home And Away after enticing photo

But could she beat her first iconic entrance?
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It has been a few years since Sarah Roberts starred on the Australian soap Home And Away as the beloved character, Willow Harris. But could see we her familiar face once more?

In a sweet post shared to Instagram, Sarah posed beachside, but fans believed the crystal blue waters behind her to Summer Bay.

Those crystal clear waters look like that on Summer Bay.

(Image: Instagram)

“Sunday signs,” the caption read.

Fans flooded the comment section with their hopes, writing: “Thought this was a H&A return announcement.”

“Well this has me somewhat excited… bloody hope we will see you back on home and away, will be great to see you back on the screen that’s for sure,” another follower wrote.

“So gorgeous are you making an appearance on home&away?”

Another fan commented: “Sarah!! Or… shall I say… Willow? Either way we love you”.

Willow left Home And Away in 2021.

(Image: Instagram)

“My heart jumped a beat there… I thought yessss willow is back to be a bad a—again”.

However, the rest of her collection of photos did not give off the vibe that Sarah would be returning as Willow any time soon as it featured a painting, a quirky driver’s plate number and nature. A fan can dream though!

Sarah farewelled her character back in April 2021 after an impressive three-and-a-half years on-screen.

Fans will remember when the tough biker girl donned in leather waltzed into Justin’s garage and punched him. It was an iconic moment, and who would have thought these two would become husband and wife in real life.

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Despite all the amazing times on set, it was time for Sarah to take a “step back.” In an exclusive interview, Sarah revealed her life had been a rollercoaster of emotions.

“I can now reflect on myself within and outside of work,” she told. “It’ll be nice to work on myself for a bit.

“I need to step back, relax and breathe. I want to meditate, have family time, work out and enjoy life.”

Now, she is living her dreams as both an actor and a DJ, alongside her husband James Stewart who was recently nominated for a Silver Logie for most popular actor.

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