Home and Away spoilers: Roo and Marilyn’s feud spills over

‘Get out of my house!'
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Since she was caught up in the van explosion in June that almost claimed her life, Roo has been angry with Marilyn. This week in Home And Away, it threatens to tear apart their long friendship.

On crutches at home in Summer Bay after being treated for her injuries in a special hospital unit in the city, Roo (Georgie Parker) is slowly on the road to recovery.

Roo is on the road to recovery.

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But she can’t forgive Marilyn (Emily Symons) for lying to everyone about Stunning Organics’ dodgy dealings and putting her friends’ lives at risk.

When John (Shane Withington) was driving a van of unwanted Stunning Organics products to the tip to help Marilyn, a bomb that had been planted in the vehicle detonated, hurling Roo to the side of the road with severe injuries.

“Roo was trying to help Maz in her involvement with Stunning Organics,” Georgie, 58, tells TV WEEK.

“She felt abandoned and resentful.”

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“But because she kept lying about it, she found it hard to know what was happening – or how resolved Maz was to finish with the pyramid scheme.”

In the wake of the bomb blast, Marilyn was so ashamed of herself, she couldn’t bring herself to visit Roo when she was in hospital for three months. Now, Roo feels more neglected than ever.

“Maz didn’t go to see Roo, so she felt abandoned and resentful,” Georgie says.

An angry Roo wants Marilyn out of her house, but she stands her ground. Roo’s dad Alf (Ray Meagher) – who Roo has been lying to about her fight – is still away in Merimbula, and Marilyn knows her friend needs around-the-clock care.

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When Theo (Matt Evans) turns up at Roo’s, he’s stunned to find the pair embroiled in a fiery exchange. The whole caravan park can hear them shouting at each other!

Fed up with their feuding, Marilyn gives Roo an ultimatum: “Let me stay and help or I tell Alf the truth.”

Roo relents – but has Marilyn’s forceful meddling made thing worse?

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