Home and Away: Can Ari’s bold plan save Mia after she was arrested for Matthew’s murder?

''He’ll do anything to keep his family safe.''
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Behind the wheel of the driver’s seat, Mia panics. She’s sped away from police as she attempts to conceal the dead body in the boot of the car. Behind her, sirens blare and lights flash. Multiple cars are closing in and so is her freedom… is this the end of the road for Mia?

In the heart-stopping series return of Home and Away, Mia (Anna Sampson) is on the run after a violent confrontation with her ex Matthew (James Sweeny), resulted is his untimely death.

The accident occurred after Chloe (Sam Barrett) learnt she is the product of her father’s past assault on her mother – and told him to stay away. But Matthew didn’t give up easily and took his aggression out on Mia. Chloe leapt to her mother’s defence and struck Matthew across the head with a brick. He died instantly.

Mia waits to be formally charged.


Now, Mia is desperate to keep her daughter safe.

“Sheer panic takes over Mia,” Anna tells TV WEEK. “She had no plan other than to protect her daughter.”

In the car, Mia succumbs to police and pulls over. As local policeman Cash approaches, she wipes the her blood-stained sweater – but it’s too late. Cash, stunned to find Mia in the driver’s seat, inspects the car and finds the body.

“She’s frozen. Mia has run out of option,” Anna says “There was no plan in her thinking, just to get as far away as she could.”.

Ari comes up with a bold plan that could save the woman he loves.


Back home, Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) is consoling a traumatised Chloe when he gets a call from Cash: Mia has been arrested under suspicion of murder. He races to the station and pleads to speak with his fiancée.

Cash knows it’s against the rules, but relents when he sees the look on Ari’s face – there’s clearly more to the story than cold-blooded murder…

Mia and Ari share a tight embrace. Ari vows to set the record straight. He won’t allow Mia or Chloe to go to jail for this. It was self-defence! Mia wipes away tears, knowing she’ll sacrifice herself to keep Chloe out of jail. Her fate is all but sealed.

The situation is all the more heartbreaking in the wake of Ari and Mia’s engagement. The pair are planning to tie the knot and start a new life together with Chloe. Now, the future is bleak.

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“Ari is fiercely protective and will always try to help, but Mia has to protect Chloe,” Anna says of her character’s future..

As Mia waits to be formally charged, Ari comes up with a bold plan that could save the woman he loves – but doing so will upend everything he holds dear.

“Ari sometimes acts first and thinks later,” Rob says. “He’ll do anything to keep his family safe.”

What is his daring plan? And will it work?

Mia and Ari share a tight embrace at the police station.


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