How Orpheus Pledger went from Home And Away hunk to selfless hero in his biggest moments as Mason Morgan

It was one tragedy after another.
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There’s no denying Summer Bay should come with a warning to residents that there’s an usually high amount of drama and scandal directly correlating to the coastal town.

Few of our Home And Away favourites, if any, have been immune to the equal parts chaos and charm of their seemingly peaceful town.

When it comes to beloved character Mason Morgan, played by Orpheus Pledger, however, it seems he was dealt with more chaos than most. After all, few have had an exit as tragically heroic as his.

Mason’s story ended back in 2019 but in honour of the Home and Away hunk we’re reliving his biggest moments on the show.

Rocky arrival

It’s rare a new Summer Bay character just rolls into town without a dramatic entrance or bat of an eyelash by fellow residents. So when the Morgan brothers, Justin, Brody and Mason all arrived together, you can bet it was memorable.

Having been forced into witness protection after their parents were killed, the brother joined sister, Tori, in Summer Bay. But, not before almost getting into a car crash with Ash on the way into town!

Mason was forced to intervene as Justin and Ash tried to have it out – twice! Luckily, Tori explained the situation to Ash once they arrived, and all was forgiven.

Mason, Justin and Brody made quite the entrance.

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Disaster strikes

In one of the show’s most shocking storylines our favourite Summer Bay residents were on a trip for Tori’s birthday when their plane horrifically crashed.

The terrifying ordeal left Billie, Irene, Orpheus, Tori, Brody, Duncan, Nate, Leah and Evie stranded in the desert.

Orpheus was left badly burnt after trying to protect Evie, but separated from Tori, he was the only one with a medical background in the main group, and tasked with caring for pregnant Billie.

Luckily, they were rescued in time for everyone to return home safely.

WATCH: Home And Away’s terrifying plane crash

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Shock paralysis

Brody’s drug problem wreaked havoc on the Morgan family, but for none more so than his brother, Mason.

After an ongoing battle, Mason tried driving Brody to rehab. Believing they were being followed, Brody panicked and grabbed the wheel, causing the car to crash.

It was touch and go for Mason, who suffered a neck injury and ended up on life support. While he managed to recover, he suffered from temporary paralysis, and blamed Brody for his debilitating injury.

Mason was furious with Brody over his life-altering injury.

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Star-crossed lover

Struggling to overcome his injury, Mason was in a depressive state. Until, he met a stunning nurse, Beth.

He soon learnt, however, Beth wasn’t a nurse at all, she was a patient with terminal cardiomyopathy.

The pair quickly fell into a whirlwind romance and began ticking off items on Beth’s bucket list.

With Beth in and out of hospital, relying on an organ donation to survive, time was running out.

Although they finally found a donor, the family was reluctant to agree, and when Beth collapsed during a dinner on the beach it was tragically too late.

Beth’s devastating death led Mason to quit medicine for good.

Mason never truly recovered from Beth’s death.

(Image: Channel Seven)

Last heroic act

Ever the hero, Mason’s farewell was tragic and selfless.

In the 2019 season finale a dangerous gang had taken over the hospital in a terrifying siege.

When he – along with Alex, Jasmine, Mackenzie and Marilyn – stood up to the gang, one gunman lost his nerve and snapped. Mason was shot dead.


(Image: Channel Seven)

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