Home And Away: A desperate Marilyn turns to Alf for help

''She’s absolutely horrified''.
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Trapped in a failed business venture, Marilyn takes her fight with Stunning Organics to the next level this week. Only now, she faces being sued!

In Home And Away, Marilyn (Emily Symons) and Kirby (Angelina Thomson) struggle to see a way forward in their fight with the fraudulent skincare company. On the surface, Marilyn assures everyone she has the situation under control. Inside, she’s panicking.

She is freaking out!

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In recent episodes, Marilyn was inundated with boxes of products to sell. Anything she didn’t sell, she had to pay back to the company and, with a lock-in contract of 12 months, has to honour the deal.

On top of that, the skincare range is faulty and sent Roo (Georgie Parker) to hospital – no-one will buy it! Rather than admit she’s been scammed, Marilyn continues the lie.

“Marilyn went into it with confidence and enthusiasm, so to find she’s been tricked and now has to sell all this product is overwhelming and upsetting,” Emily, 53, tells TV WEEK.

“She feels embarrassed and that she’s dragged her friends into something she didn’t understand.”

Will Alf support her?

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Unable to admit her mistake to Alf (Ray Meagher), who warned her about pyramid schemes, Marilyn tries a different tack: denouncing the brand in a video on social media. But it backfires when the company threatens to sue her for defamation unless she takes down the video immediately.

“She’s absolutely horrified,” Emily says. “For herself and for Kirby.”

When Alf confronts Marilyn about her behaviour, she breaks down and confesses everything – including the unsold boxes of products she’s hidden and the pending legal battle. Alf is horrified, but, while he’s disappointed in his friend, offers his support and advice.

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“It’s incredibly important to her to have Alf’s support,” Emily says. “It makes it a little easier for her to deal with, but it’s still a pretty bad situation.”

With a potential lawsuit looming and more than one friendship on the line, can Marilyn find a way out before she risks losing everything?

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