Home And Away’s Sam Frost and Maddy Jevic prove they’re friendship goals in hilarious new videos

The duo have formed a close bond.
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If there’s one thing we can always count on in Summer Bay, other than sunshine and gripping drama, it’s the life-long bonds formed between the cast.

The beautiful actors at Home And Away are arguably one of the most tight-knit group of any show we’ve encountered.

It’s no surprise then that newcomer, Madeleine Jevic who plays Amber, has slipped seamlessly into Summer Bay life.

Her storyline on-screen has revolved directly around Dean, played by Patrick O’Connor, having recently revealed to him that her son, Jai, is also his.

She’s also been romantically involved with heartthrob Tane, played by Ethan Browne, another point of tension in the Bay thanks to Mackenzie’s (Emily Weir) torn feelings.

Amber has made quite the entrance to Summer Bay.

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Off-screen, however, it’s her friendship with Sam Frost, who plays Jasmine, that’s taking centre stage.

Despite only working together for a short amount of time, Sam and Maddy have become close friends, often appearing in one another’s social media posts.

The duo have posted a series of funny videos together including work out videos, Sam sneakily recording Maddy during her morning workout and dinner dates out with fellow co-star Sarah Roberts.

This is a dinner date we want to join!


Our favourites, however, have to be Maddy and Sam’s Tik Tok dance videos.

Mostly the fact that Sam, who’s known for posting hilarious and candid Tik Toks, pokes fun at herself.

“One of us has been a professional dancer since zero years old…and the other is me,” she captioned the video, which you can watch above.

Maddy and Sam know how to move.


Sam’s hilarious caption got us giggling.


Chatting to TV WEEK about joining Home And Away Maddy admits she became fast friends with Sam, who she simply calls “divine”.

“I grew up watching the show,” she said of her excitement to join the cast.

“It’s just a hoot – what you see is so authentic, we [the cast] all get along so well.”

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