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"He’s just a boss and so charismatic": Home and Away's newest actress Maddy Jevic grew up watching the show - but one actor took her completely by surprise

The 27-year-old plays the role of Amber on the iconic soap.

By Jess Pullar
From the cast-iron prison of Wentworth to the sandy shores of Summer Bay - Maddy Jevic has certainly changed her tactic of late.
And after just two weeks in her new role on Home and Away, the 27-year-old actress has already made a big impression on the show's loyal fanbase.
Of course, being on one of the country's most popular shows has its pressure points, but no one puts the pressure on harder than Maddy herself - and there's a simple reason for it: She's a long-time fan just like the rest of us.
Amber has made a fast impression on Home and Away fans. (Channel Seven)
"I grew up watching the show," she tells TV WEEK.
"It's just a hoot - what you see is so authentic, we [the cast] all get along so well."
Maddy's first scenes aired earlier this month with the mysterious Amber arriving in The Bay with suspicious ties to the 'River' crew - Dean, Colby and Willow.
While things seem normal on the surface for the newcomer as she takes on a carer role for John Palmer (who is recovering from a brain aneurysm) it seems there's a lot more to Amber's story than meets the eye.
"She's got foot-in-the-mouth disease," Maddy tells us.
"She's very blunt, but she's got this caring, loving, loyal side. She's just a really fun character to play - not one-dimensional at all."
The mysterious character clearly has history with some of Summer Bay's locals. (Channel Seven)
Maddy began filming her scenes shortly before the world went into lockdown, which gave her enough time to meet some of the show's most iconic personalities - though some took her by surprise.
When asked who she was most excited to meet, the answer was easy for Maddy.
"Lynne McGranger, without a doubt," she says.
"Because I grew up watching [the show], she was just this familiar beautiful energy. She's like a mum - so down to earth and loving."
And yes, Maddy admits there was a slight fangirl moment.
"I was like, 'oh my God, I'm in Summer Bay with Irene!'"

As for our favourite show stalwart Alf Stewart, AKA beloved Aussie actor Ray Meagher?
Maddy confesses he actually wasn't what she expected.
"Ray's really sharp – he is really smart. Alf is Alf, but in real life, Ray is just onto it. I was really surprised by his charisma."
Some of Home and Away's stalwarts took Maddy by surprise when she arrived on-set. (Channel Seven)
The actress has also quickly formed friendships with some of the other famed actors from the show, including Sam Frost who she says has been "divine".
It remains to be said that the experience of coming on the show has been far from ordinary - in all meanings of the phrase.
Shortly after she commenced filming, production was halted when the COVID-19 pandemic put Australia into a state of lockdown.
When filming recommenced in May, the cast had to come to terms with a brand-new normal, involving strict protocols and social-distancing measures.
"It took a little bit of getting used to but now we're in full swing," she says.
"So many people are there to help us with it all. As actors you have to tell a story at the end of the day, but there's so many people there that are helping us make the right decisions to go about it."

And while Maddy's character is only just getting started on the show, there's a lot more to the actress behind the camera that we're yet to see.
"I'm a musician as well – I do that on the side, " she explains.
"It's always been a passion of mine. I'm always making music."
Perhaps we'll have another Phoebe Nicholson - the musical Home and Away character played by Aussie actress Isabella Giovinazzo - on our hands?
"Maybe they'll intertwine the music, maybe," Maddy says.
Watch this space...

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