Home and Away spoilers: Leah’s paranoia puts Justin’s life on the line

Knife’s edge.
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Wild-eyed and manic with paranoia, Leah is a woman on the edge in Home and Away. Standing in the Diner, trembling with a knife in hand, she threatens to do the unthinkable: kill her future husband, Justin. Can he stop her?

For weeks, Leah’s (Ada Nicodemou) trauma has slowly taken hold of her as she grapples to deal with the aftermath of being kidnapped and left to die in a warehouse by cult Vita Nova.

Leah is a woman on the edge.

(Image: Seven)

She and Justin (James Stewart) barely made it out alive, and now, nightmares have caused paranoia and delusion. It wasn’t noticed at first – a secret she kept well hidden – but now, her behaviour could cost a life.

After spying on Justin at the garage, Leah’s skewed reality leads her to believe he’s working for the cult that kidnapped them. Riddled with fear, she packs a bag and urges Theo (Matt Evans) to leave with her. When he tries to reason with her, she bolts!

“She starts to hallucinate,” Ada says. “Because of her sleep deprivation, she mishears a phone call and misunderstands certain signals as well.”

“She starts to hallucinate,” Ada says.

(Image: Seven)

In a desperate bid to help, Justin follows his fiancée to the Diner where she has barricaded herself in. But his forceful entry does little to help Leah, who grabs a knife and lunges at him.

“She goes into a psychosis and isn’t really aware of her behaviour,” Ada says. “It’s an intense storyline to play.”

Back home, Theo calls Bree (Juliet Godwin) for help. When they arrive at the Diner, they’re horrified by the scene unfolding before them. Can they stop Leah before she strikes?

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