Dan Ewing’s hilarious response to a Home And Away fan’s raunchy comment has us in absolute stitches

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Every Home And Away fan’s nostalgia dream came true last night when one of the OG River Boys, Heath Braxton, made a dramatic return to Summer Bay.

In case you missed it, Heath showed up in town after being called in by fellow River Boy Dean who found himself caught up in a blackmail-robbery scandal with Tane and Ari.

Meeting the blackmailers – Paul and Leon – in a dark carpark, Heath soon rolled in to save the day.

Here to save the day.

(Channel Seven)

“Who the hell are you?” one menacing gang member asks as Heath gets out of a truck all gorgeously brooding.

“Heath Braxton and you muppets are on River Boy turf,” he responds.

We have chills of excitement.

In celebration of his return Dan shared a series of images to his Instagram page, and has been charmingly responding to fan comments since.

One response hilariously captured our attention after a, for lack of a better word thirsty, fan left a rather raunchy comment on Dan’s photo with characters Dean, Tane and Ari.

“Omg wonder who would be the best in bed what a bunch of bad boys,” the fan commented with a series of heart emojis.

Dan’s simple response made us laugh out loud and cringe at the same time, writing: “Alf.”

One fan was swooning over the handsome fellas a little too much.

(Channel Seven)

Dan didn’t stop there.

When one fan wrote: “Shout out to my Grandson Junior who is HUGE fan. ❤”

Dan then came back, very sweetly with: “You look too young to have a Grandson! What’s up Junior ??!!”

“Tonight was such a great episode! Best wishes from sunny Boston Bay and Port Lincoln 😀🌊” another fan wrote.

To which Dan responded: “I miss Port ! Tunarama is my jam!”

Now consider this a fan page for Dan.

(Channel Seven)

Clearly Dan is one of the most humble stars we’ve come across yet, it’s not often actors take the time to respond to their fans.

Exactly how long his character Heath will remain on the show is yet to be determined but his appearance has been labelled a “guest role” which sadly, most likely means not long.

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