From troubled River Boy to family man: Heath Braxton’s narrative on Home and Away was the ultimate redemption story

Bring back Heath.
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You can’t deny when the River Boys, AKA the Braxtons arrived on the sandy shores of Summer Bay, Home and Away changed forever.

While the show has always centred around troubled teens and dramatic relationship breakdowns, the introduction of three certain Braxton brothers in the early 2010s raised the drama by several hefty notches.

With Darryl (AKA Brax) at the helm, flanked by his two younger brothers Heath and Casey, Home and Away purists witnessed a narrative of love, hate and intense passion – from all ends of the spectrum.

While the show has since bid a very sad farewell to all three brothers, fans still hold out hope for a return some day.

And that’s exactly why everyone virtually lost the plot earlier this month when sneaky pictures revealed Dan Ewing, who played the lovable, yet mischief-causing character Heath, filming candid scenes alongside fellow Summer Bay comrade Patrick O’Connor (who plays another River Boy, Dean).

The pictures, shared by New Idea were nothing short of glorious, as it appeared Dan would be making an appearance in a tense scene filmed in Riverstone, Sydney on August 5.

Further information on Heath’s grand return is limited, but according to reports, the scenes will air later this year.

So, to gear up for what’s going to be one heck of a reunion, we decided to take a look back and remember exactly why we fell for Heath in the first place.

Sit back, grab some popcorn and enjoy this retrospective into The Bay’s troublesome, albeit well-meaning bad boy.

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Braxtons 1

Health Braxton arrived in Summer Bay as one third of the show’s beloved River Boys back in 2011.

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Reigning from the local gang back in Yabbie Creek, this family initially stirred up trouble from the outset. But we quickly learned there was a lot more to them than the toxic kerfuffle they’d been used to back with their fellow gang members.

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Bianca 1

Between his troublesome scenes, he quickly struck up a liking for local teacher Bianca. The pair embarked on a long on-again-off-again relationship that lasted the duration of his storyline on the show.

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In fact, the pair were so on-again-off-again that they were married twice on the show. The first wedding was, er, slightly marred when he confessed to cheating on Bianca while he was in Melbourne. You can see how that went down…

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bianca 3

The second ceremony was… slightly more civilised. In fact, it might well be one of our favourite Home and Away weddings yet given Bianca’s gorgeous nontraditional dress and refreshing lack of drama.

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Bianca 2

Of course, the pair continued to be faced with various twists and turns. The reemergence of Heath’s daughter Darcy being one of them.

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But Heath remained ever the protective father, and eventually, she blended right into his and Bianca’s mini family.

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Braxtons 2

The Braxtons’ were never short of a dramatic scene – including that kitchen fire that almost killed Bianca.

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Heath was also close to the long lost Braxton brother Kyle, whom he protected while serving time in prison.

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Bianca 4

While Heath and Bianca never tired of getting heated every now and again, they went the full distance. Bianca fell pregnant with Heath’s baby towards the end of their time on the show, and the pair decided to move to the city with Darcy where they pursued life as a family of four. Whatever might they be up to now? Well, perhaps we’ll soon find out…

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