Home and Away spoilers: Flick makes a grand gesture to try to win back a hurt Tane

‘Stay away from me.'
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Her marriage might seem beyond repair, but Felicity isn’t giving up. This week in Home and Away, she makes a last-ditch attempt to win back her husband.

Returning home from a shift at Salt, Felicity’s (Jacqui Purvis) heart lifts when she finds Tane (Ethan Browne) holding a bag. For a moment, she thinks he’s moving back in, but Tane is quick to set her straight: he merely came over to get some clothes.

Flick pleads for understanding.

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Also, he says he’s cancelled the land purchase in New Zealand and has found digs in town until he works out his next move.

“Tane could potentially move back to NZ, but for now, he needs space and time,” Ethan tells TV WEEK.

Flick’s heartache deepens when she spots her business partner Mackenzie (Emily Weir) handing keys to Tane – he’s staying with her!

Ignoring the busy lunch rush at Salt, Flick explodes at Mac. Will she wreck a good friendship too?

Next morning, Flick swallows her pride and visits Mac to apologise and ask a favour: return her wedding ring to Tane. It’s a final effort to save her marriage, a token of hope.

How will Tane respond?

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“Tane can’t believe this has happened.”

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In an explosive week, Tane (Ethan Browne) starts to wise up to his wife’s lies. Despite assuring Tane she was ready for a baby, and committing to trying, Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) has secretly been taking contraceptive pills.

She was exposed when the co-owner of Salt, Mackenzie (Emily Weir), caught her in the act – but Flick can’t bring herself to be honest with Tane. He, however, notices she’s been behaving strangely and presses Mac for answers. Her evasive reply sends him on a mission to get to the bottom of what’s going on.

“Things just aren’t adding up for Tane, and Flick is acting oddly, especially with Mackenzie, which he notices,” Ethan tells TV WEEK. “She doesn’t tell him anything really, except to talk to Felicity, which for him is a giveaway something is up.”

At home, Tane notices Flick is suspiciously attached to her handbag and asks to see the contents. She pulls out personal items one by one, the last being her contraceptive pills.

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Flick pleads for understanding and pretends she hasn’t been taking them, but Tane is gutted. What he’d been hoping for so badly – to have a family with Flick and become a dad – has been dashed.

Feeling his rage building, he packs a bag and leaves – he can’t forgive Flick, let alone be in the same room.

“Tane can’t believe this has happened,” Ethan says. “He’s so heartbroken, he leaves.”

As Tane is readying to leave, Flick’s police-officer brother Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) arrives. Seeing a clearly angry Tane, but unaware of what’s gone down, he tries to calm his friend – only to be punched in the face!

Later, Flick helps tend her brother’s wounds and seeks his advice. But Cash isn’t as sympathetic as she’d like him to be – this is her mistake to fix.

But can Tane ever forgive such a painful betrayal?

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