Home and Away Teaser: Cash makes a worrying discovery in Dana’s case

The cop is switching sides!
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Cash may be a man of the law, but his loyalty to the force is challenged this week when he discovers a fellow officer is corrupt.

In Home And Away, Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) continues to help old friend Harper (Jessica Redmayne) and her younger sister Dana (Ally Harris) under the suspicious eye of his boss, Madden (Jonny Pasvolsky).

Dana, who is being investigated on drug charges, has remained in hiding until they can prove her innocence.

Cash may be a man of the law but his loyalty to the force is overturned this week when he discovers a fellow officer is corrupt.

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But doing so proves difficult, with Madden convinced she’s guilty. When Harper is called in for questioning, Cash tries to arm himself with information.

Dana reveals she was having lunch with Harper the day the drugs were stolen – but somehow those details never made it into her statement to Madden.

Cash assures Dana the restaurant will have CCTV footage, which could exonerate her. Knowing freedom is within reach, Dana brags about her impending triumph to her ex-boyfriend, who tried to pin his actions on her.

“Dana is impulsive,” Ally says of her character. “She loved her ex and maybe ignored some warning signs. She ended up losing a lot of trust in her own instincts and perhaps put too much dependence and faith in others, even if they hadn’t earned it.”

Cop Cash with fugitive Dana in a previous episode.

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But when Cash tries to secure the CCTV footage from the restaurant, he’s shocked to learn Madden has already collected it. How did he know?

Later, at the police station, Madden grills Harper about her sister’s whereabouts.

Cash struggles to keep his cool as Madden issues a warning – he knows they’re lying and things are about to get very messy.

His threatening words only confirm what Cash is thinking: Madden is corrupt and working with Dana’s ex.

Cash reels at the development. Whatever Madden has planned, it’s sure to put everyone in danger.

Is police boss Madden corrupt as Cash believes?

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Home and Away airs Monday to Thursday, 7pm, on Channel Seven and 7Plus.

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