The cast of Home & Away pen emotional tributes to Cameron Daddo as his shock storyline comes to a head

The Aussie actor has made quite the impression on Summer Bay.
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The cast of Home and Away has returned to work with rip roaring gusto in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the show’s die hard fans couldn’t be happier.

As the world went into lockdown, so too did the cast of the beloved Aussie soap, meaning filming was suspended for two months.

In May, the cast eventually returned to set, with new, strict social distancing measures in place – and so far, only good things have come from it.

Why is everyone so thrilled to see the cast return to film? Because it means we’re guaranteed more glorious episodes to watch.

In particular, one story line has struck a chord with fans – and it’s not hard to see why.

Recent episodes have seen the return of iconic Aussie actor Cameron Daddo to our screens.

Daddo plays the mysterious Evan, who is resident teen Ryder’s father.

Cameron Daddo pictured with Lukas Radovich (who plays his long-lost son on the show) has made a big impression on Home and Away viewers.


As his storyline has progressed, we’ve been treated to an on-screen spectacle of solid acting, perfect chemistry, and a captivating narrative that’s had us hooked.

While Evan’s story comes to a head, emotions have understandably run high – so much so that even the cast have weighed in on the scenes.

Key actors Georgie Parker and Lukas Radovich, who play Roo and Ryder respectively, have posted tributes to Daddo and his incredible work on the show.

Lukas lead the charge by sharing a short clip from the show, which suggests some heartbreaking scenes are ahead.

“Had a lot of fun and a lot of tears working on this storyline – hope everyone is enjoying it, it was a dream to shoot with,” he wrote.


Lukas’ fans reflected the sentiment.

A number of people took to the comments section to voice their own admiration for the storyline.

“Got me crying more than Paddington 2,” one user commented.

“This just gave me goosebumps,” another said.

Even Cameron Daddo himself commented on the post, telling Lukas: “What a pleasure mate. And btw- my mum reckons you an honorary grandson! She thinks you’re the bomb!”

Cameron Daddo with his Home and Away co-stars, Emily Symons, Ray Meagher and Georgie Parker.


Meanwhile, Georgie Parker, who plays Ryder’s Aunty Roo, shared her own tribute to Daddo.

“We’ve loved this story line and the opportunity it’s given us all as a family in the show. Thanks to @camerondaddo ❤️ and also to @louise.bowes for giving us the chance to sink our teeth into some drama,” Georgie wrote.

The post included a carousel of images of Daddo with some of the show’s key cast mates, including herself and the soap’s stalwart Ray Meagher, who plays Alf Stewart.

Daddo himself also shared a beautiful post to mark the emotional storyline that’s so clearly struck a chord.

“Pulling on “EvanSlater’s” boots was a joy,” he began.

Referencing his cast mates, he continued: “To share my time with @lukas.radovich @georgieparker and #Ray and @belindagiblin and @emilysymons was a gift and a pleasure.”

“Telling a story of love between a father and son is a privilege. Thank you to those who have been so generous and kind with your comments about my return to the television.

“I am grateful for every moment. For those that mentioned they’re now watching @homeandaway because I am on it, please keep tuned in,” he added.

Daddo explained that there was a lot more to the show than just the actors – and implored people to continue supporting the Australian television industry and the people who work in it.

“What you don’t see, is the work by a fabulous film crew, a team of writers, producers and technical staff… (special props to the music and post-production gang)- who all work so hard to give you the quality of production you deserve. I hope you enjoy these final days with Evan, Ryder, Roo and the whole dang Stewart family… I know I did.”

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Cameron and his fellow actors’ words certainly suggest his time in The Bay might be coming to a close, so with that said, there’s no doubt these next few episodes will be ones to watch.

And of course, considering the twists and turns the residents of Summer Bay endure as their narratives unfold, we’ve got plenty more drama ahead to keep us hooked.

Home and Away airs Monday – Thursday at 7pm on Channel Seven

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