Harry Connick Jr’s daughters are still living in Australia despite the singer moving back home

They refuse to leave!
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Harry Connick Jr relocated his family to Australia while he worked as a judge on Australian Idol in 2023.

Now, the Grammy award-winning artist has returned to his home in upstate New York in the United States with his wife, but his three daughters remain in Sydney.

Harry Connick Jr and wife Jill Goodacre are currently visiting their daughters in Australia.

(Image: Instagram)

Harry Connick Jr and his wife, Jill Goodacre (a former Victoria’s Secret model), share three daughters together, Georgia (27), Kate (26), and Charlotte (21).

After completing a stint as a judge on Australian Idol in 2023, Harry and Jill moved back home, but Georgia, Kate and Charlotte decided to stay living in Australia.

Harry and Jill are currently in the country visiting their children.

“My wife, she likes travelling, but if she can avoid it she does; this is her second time here this year. She just absolutely loves it”.

But most recently, the family reunited for The AACTA Awards in 2024, admitting to TV WEEK his fondness of Australia.
“Our daughters live in Australia, so we come in here quite a bit and I’m always looking forward to coming back here,” he said.

Georgia, Kate and Charlotte enjoying Australia’s beautiful nature.

(Image: Instagram)

“We couldn’t have lost them to a better place,” Harry recently said on The Project.

Their youngest daughter, Charlotte, spoke to ABC Radio Sydney, saying “it’s the best” in reference to living in Sydney.

Harry Connick Jr spoke to WHO Magazine in March 2023, and gushed over his daughters.

“They’re what we dreamt they would be. They’re brilliant, driven, really, really smart, creative women. And our lives have become exponentially greater as a result of the perspective we’ve gained from them.”

Georgia, Kate and Charlotte posing for a photoshoot with their dad.

(Image: Instagram)

Unsurprisingly, all three girls are exploring creative careers, just like their parents!

Georgia is a cinematographer, Kate is an actress and model, and Charlotte is an aspiring artist.

Despite his love for the arts, Harry says he has always wanted his daughters to forge their own paths.

“The main thing for Jill and for me when they were little is to raise these smart, incredible women, and I really could care less what they choose [to do in life],” he told WHO Magazine.

Overall, it is definitely clear that Harry’s biggest pride and joy in life is being a father.

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