The Price Is Right star, Danielle King speaks on her new life as a mum of four

''Our job was to entertain and bring joy to people.''

The Price Is Right was once an Aussie TV staple, and at the peak of its popularity, Danielle King (nee Atkin) and her fellow models on the hit game show couldn’t go anywhere without bumping into fans.

“I remember one time [fellow model] Sarita [Holland] and I were travelling to Adelaide and these girls were actually chasing us down the road,” laughs Danielle, who appeared on the 2003-2005 reboot of the daytime series alongside host Larry Emdur.

We catch up with the popular TV model and mum of four.

(Credit: Phillip Castleton)

“Oh my god! I thought that was amazing! Why are they so interested in us, you know?”

Eighteen years later, the 44-year-old still gets recognised.

“Sometimes people say to me, ‘Where do I know you from? You look familiar.’ And I’m too embarrassed to say I used to be on TV. So I say, ‘Oh, I’m not sure, maybe we’ve met somewhere else.’ I’m a bit shy,” she laughs during our catch up at her home.

Danielle only has fond memories of the Melbourne set.

“I’m so thankful for my time on The Price Is Right. The whole cast and crew, it was like one big family. Going to work was just so fun. We laughed and laughed at all the silly and crazy things we did,” she tells Woman’s Day.

“I mean, one day we’d be dressed up in a bikini on national TV – and in front of a live audience as well! – and the next, we’d be dressed up as an alien, a cow or even a spoon!”

“It was an absolute dream,” Danielle says of the TV gig.

(Credit: Phillip Castleton)

She’s no longer in touch with Larry, 59, these days but Danielle reveals the TV host was “just amazing” to work with.

“We had a good connection, and he was just unreal to be around,” she shares.

“He was so charming and had a great sense of humour.”

Danielle’s still close to some of her fellow models from the show though.

“Sarita [Stella] is one of my besties,” she says of the social media influencer. “But all of the cast were brilliant.”

And when they catch up, Danielle admits, talk often turns to their game show gig.

“We always run through all the crazy things we got up to and how fun it was and how lucky we were,” she says.

“Our job was to entertain and bring joy to people. And, you know, people won a lot of money.” Multimillions in fact!

“I had to have security!” She confessed.

(Credit: Phillip Castleton)

“We had showcases for over a million dollars,” says Danielle, who reveals the show took no chances when it came to the prizes.

“There were times where I was carrying cash onto the stage, and I think there was like $500,000 worth of cash, and there had to be a security guard next to me.”

These days, she still has an entourage – but they’re slightly smaller in stature.

“I love nothing more in life than being a mum,” says Danielle, who shares Oscar, 14, Dahlia, 12, Harvey, six, and Harry, 21 months, with her AFL coach husband of 15 years, Steven King, 45.

“I’d have a hundred kids if I could.”

Danielle still models on the side, and also managed to squeeze in a law degree between babies, too.

“I’d keep going if I was younger,” says Danielle of her big brood.

(Credit: Phillip Castleton)

“I was in the hospital giving birth with my books,” she laughs.

“Law is something I’ve always been passionate about, but I was always too scared. So eventually I thought, ‘You know what? Just give it a go!'”

Another thing close to Danielle’s heart is her travel app, The Offering Bali, where tourists can support The Bali Children Foundation while accessing deals.

Closer to home, there’s just the small matter of packing up the family’s gorgeous Gold Coast pad for a move back to Melbourne for Steven’s work.

“It’s busy and chaotic,” Danielle laughs. “But I feel blessed.”

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