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Tziporah Malkah reveals the dark side to James and Kerry Packer’s relationship on Sunday Night

Kerry would rage at him for hours at a time.
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She was one of the brightest stars of the nineties and appeared recently on our screens as part of I’m A Celebrity in 2017, but Tziporah Malkah has had quite the tumultuous life.

In a new candid chat with Sunday Night‘s Denham Hitchcock, the former Kate Fischer has opened up about her rocky relationship with James Packer that resulted in an engagement.

Tziporah says that in the early days, she and James shared a “great friendship” but due to her jealousy and possessiveness as well as the pressure James faced from his father, media tycoon, Kerry Packer, things could become heated.

“Kerry would rage at him for hours at a time.” (Image: AAP)

Despite her then-fiance’s efforts to hide his pain, the former model recounted a time she’d seen James at a low point.

“Kerry would rage at him for hours at a time,” she revealed.

“He never really wanted to show me the extent of his upset, but sometimes I did sneak a look when he thought he was alone. He was in the shower, just standing there, the water running over his face. He’d been in there for 40 minutes … this was a daily occurrence. So I peeked in, and he was a mess.”

Tziporah and James separated in 1998 after five years together and a two year engagement after rumours circulated that he was dating Jodhi Meares, who he later went on to marry the following year.

She may have been heartbroken at the time, but Tziporah, who is currently ready to make her big comeback, has left that relationship in the past, captioning an old photo of the two, “Talk about an effing waste.”

Tziporah Malkah and James Packer dated for five years. (Image: Instagram @tziporahmalkahofficial)*

After James and Jodhi parted ways in 2002, the billionaire then married Erica Baxter in 2007, with whom he shares three children.

“The one’s when Kerry were still alive were sort of safe,” Tziporah said, alluding to his two former wives.

“And then of course when Kerry died and he was ‘The Man’, he could go after the world’s biggest diva. And how exciting for him, he was finally off his father’s leash.”

Tziporah was of course referencing his short-lived engagement with singer Mariah Carey who he started dating in January 2016 but the couple broke up in October of that year.

Speaking to The Australian in October last year about the split, Packer said, “I was at a low point in my personal life. She was kind, exciting and fun. Mariah is a woman of substance. But it was a mistake for her and a mistake for me.”

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