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Today show’s near X-rated segment has left Allison Langdon shocked!

''Strip off for cancer.''
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The Today Show normally likes to keep their segments tame, but this morning was more risqué after one guest was not afraid to show off some of his… assets.

Today show co-hosts Allison Langdon and David Campbell spoke with Scott Maggs, founder of Skin Check Champions, who stripped down completely to discuss skin cancer.

Scotty featured on the Today show to discuss skin cancer awareness.

(Image: Instagram)

Scott’s – more commonly known as Jimmy Niggles – naked body was covered by a small cardboard cover which read the organisation’s slogan “strip off for skin cancer”.

However, the flimsy piece of cardboard covered up practically nothing as Scott ran down towards Bondi Beach and bared his bum. But it was when Scott turned around and nearly showed off his other assets that caught the co-hosts off guard.

Allison and David were visibly shocked as the crew quickly swapped cameras to cover up the near mistake.

David and Allison couldn’t contain their gasps!

(Image: Nine)

As if predicting the worst, the Today hosts even asked Scotty to hold the cardboard securely in place when Scott assured he would “keep it very still.”

“What drew you to the nudity public nudity element apart from the thrill of being arrested?”

Scotty responded: “I’m counting down the seconds here until the cop cars arrive.”

“Before they do, we’ve got some amazing news. Spencer Tune nick who is an incredible internationally renowned artist is coming down under yet again. And for those who don’t know he specialises in large scale nude installation photography.

“We’re aiming to get 2,000 people to represent 2,000 people that die from skin cancer every year.

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“We wanted to shine a massive spotlight on the issue of skin cancer in Australia and the rest of the world.”

Although the segment was not supposed to feature some X-rated scenes, Scott still pointed out the importance of skin cancer awareness.

“It really needs a lot more attention. Our rates are 12 times the global norm, likely to affect two in three of us,” Scott said.

“This campaign, strip off for skin cancer we invite all Aussies to strip off. Get a skin check. Donate to national skin check program. It’s about showing some skin to save some skin. Sun safety and legally of course.”

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