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Tina Arena takes a swipe at celebrity perfumes, comparing them to “fly spray”

Ironically, will release her own later next month.
Tina Arena Renaissance perfume

Tina Arena may want to rethink her marketing tactic for her new fragrance after she bagged fellow celebrities turned perfumers by calling their products “fly spray”.

The singing veteran was doing the rounds, promoting her own new scent ‘Renaissance’, and made a point of differentiating herself by claiming that her perfume is a quality, luxury scent.

“It’s a high-end product. It’s not supermarket stuff. It’s not fly spray,” she told news.com.au.

In other words, you won’t find it sitting on a 50% table in a discount chemist any time in the future.

The (perhaps unintentional) swipe comes after fellow Aussie singer Delta Goodrem announced the release of her own perfume, ‘Delta’ last month, which will be available exclusively at Chemist Warehouse from April.

So… yeah. We’ll just leave that there.

‘Renaissance’ represents the three countries Tina has ties to as there’s notes of sandalwood sourced from Australia (her birth country), as well as Italian (her heritage) and French (she lives part-time in Paris) ingredients.

“There’s so much history in the bottle,” Tina said, who spent four years researching and sourcing the right mix.

To distance herself even more from other perfume-wheeling celebs, Tina says she deliberately did not put her face on the packaging.

“No, no, no,” she says at even the thought of doing so.

An artist’s impression of what the packing will look like.

Renaissance will available to buy online from May but you can pre-order now. It will then be available in selected retailers later in the year and you can expect those will be very, very fancy retailers.

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