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Who are Tiger Lily Hutchence Geldof’s siblings? Meet the three women she grew up with

Tiger Lily's half-sisters have played a strong role in her upbringing.
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She’s the Australian counterpart of one of Britain’s most famous families.

And while the early years of her life played out in the spotlight, these days Tiger Lily Hutchence Geldof reportedly lives a quiet life with her muso boyfriend Nicholas Allbrook in the Perth city of Fremantle.

Tiger Lily’s mother Paula Yates famously left her husband and Boomtown Rats star Sir Bob Geldof in 1995 after falling in love with INXS frontman Michael Hutchence.

Paula already shared three young daughters with Bob – Fifi, Peaches and Pixie.

She welcomed her fourth daughter and first child with Michael on July 22 in 1996.

But at just 16 months old, Tiger Lily’s father Michael Hutchence passed away from a suspected suicide in November 1997.

Tragically, just a few years later in September 2000, Tiger Lily’s mother Paula was found dead at her London home from an accidental heroin overdose.

Despite being the child of his ex-wife and her new lover, Sir Bob Geldof became the legal guardian for the orphan before officially adopting her in 2007.

“We are delighted. We feel she should be with her sisters. Bob is very pleased. He feels it is the best possible outcome. We are thrilled because it is the best thing for Tiger. This little girl has never been happier. She has got her sisters and has wonderful extended family connections,” Tiger Lily’s grandfather and Michael Hutchence’s dad Kelland said at the time.

“Pixie, in particular, is a great pal of Tiger. They are inseparable. Tiger is happy and safe with Bob’s fatherly role making sure the family unit is intact,” he added.

However, the four Geldof girls would go on to forge very different paths in life.

As she makes her musical debut, we look back at Tiger Lily’s upbringing and introduce you to her her three half-siblings, Fifi, 37, Pixie, 29, and the late Peaches Geldof, who was just 25 years old when she passed away from a heroin overdose in 2014

Tiger Lily and Michael Hutchence
(Image: ABC/Four Corners, courtesy of the the Hutchence family)

Tiger Lily & her dad

Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily Hutchence Geldof is the only child of the late INXS singer Michael Hutchence.

(Image: Getty)

Tiger Lily & her older sisters

Tiger Lily with older sisters Fifi, Pixie and Peaches in London, 2004.

(Image: Getty)

The Geldof girls

The Geldof girls were regular fixtures on the A-list London social scene.

(Images: Getty and @niqueallbrook Instagram)

Tiger Lily & Nick Allbrook

Back to her Aussie roots: Tiger lives a normal life away from the spotlight with her Aussie boyfriend of several years, Pond frontman Nick Allbrook (R). It’s believed the couple live in Fremantle in Perth.

Following in her father’s footsteps, the 24-year-old recently made her musical debut performing under the stage name of Heavenly. Her first EP Tragic Tiger’s Sad Meltdown was well received with universal praise for her beautiful singing voice.

(Image: Getty)

Peaches & Pixie Geldof

Peaches and Pixie step out at a party in London in 2005.

(Image: Getty)

Sir Bob Geldof & two of his daughters

“Whatever people think about us, this is a normal family. Close the door and it’s normal. They’re your kids, you’re their parents. It’s still homework, it’s still tea time, it’s still that, you know,” Sir Bob Geldof told the Guardian of his family life.

(Image: Getty)

Peaches Geldof & her husband Thomas Cohen

In 2014, Peaches Geldof left behind her two young sons, Astala and Phaedra, and husband Thomas Cohen after passing away from an accidental heroin overdose. Her death was eerily similar to her mother’s and shook the family to its core.

“We are beyond pain. She was the wildest, funniest, cleverest, wittiest and the most bonkers of all of us,” Bob said at the time.

(Image: Getty)

Peaches Geldof

Like her mother, Peaches had found success working as a TV presenter and journalist.

Peaches & Thomas

Thankfully with the help of Peaches’ family, including her father and her sisters, Thomas says he’s turned a corner.

“We’re really close, which is really nice. I’m very happy about it,” the father-of-two told the Sunday Times of the Geldof clan in 2016.

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Sir Bob Geldof on losing Peaches Geldof

(Image: Getty)

Sir Bob Geldof & his daughters

“Everyone’s affected, everyone has their own memories and their own narrative, and everybody has always tried to do the best they could. One of us didn’t make it… And it was very difficult,” Sir Bob has mused of his daughter’s untimely death.

(Image: Getty)

Sir Bob Geldof is Tiger Lily’s legal guardian

(L-R) Michael Hutchence and Paula Yates enjoy a stroll with a newborn Tiger Lily and 13-year-old Fifi. Years later, Sir Bob Geldof would become Tiger Lily’s legal guardian after Michael and Paula’s deaths.

(Image: Getty)

Fifi Geldof

Fifi Geldof jokes that she is the “unknown Geldof” and has tried to stay out of the spotlight. In 2016, she married Andrew Robertson and has worked in PR and as a makeup artist.

(Image: Getty)

Tiger Lily & Pixie

Tiger Lily (L) is said to be particularly close with older sister Pixie (R).

(Image: Getty)

Pixie Geldof

29-year-old Pixie is a successful model and has been married to George Barnett since 2017.

(Image: Getty)

Tiger Lily, Pixie & Peaches

Tiger Lily has served as a bridesmaid at all three of her sister’s weddings.

(Image: Getty)

Peaches & Pixie

“I have a very lovely life. Except there will always be something missing. You don’t want to be the kind of person who knows how this feels, but unfortunately, I am,” Pixie told The Guardian in 2016 of her sister’s death.

(Image: Getty)

Pixie & Peaches

“I realise now that everyone is just trying to live, as well as they can. And some people can’t,” she added.

(Image: Getty)

Pixie & Peaches

Front-row fixtures: Pixie and Peaches at London Fashion Week.

(Image: Getty)

Paula Yates & Michael Hutchence with Pixie & Peaches

A pregnant Paula Yates and Michael Hutchence with Pixie and Peaches in London, just a few months before Tiger Lily’s arrival.

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