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A full circle moment! Tsehay Hawkins’ adorable throwback photo proves she was destined to join The Wiggles

So cute!
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Tsehay Hawkins has shared an adorable throwback proving she was always destined to become a Wiggles star!

Tsehay took to Instagram to share a photo of her three-year-old self sitting in the crowd of a Wiggles concert, donning a yellow skivvy and Dorothy the Dinosaur tail.

Alongside the throwback, the 16-year-old posted a present-day photo of herself on stage dancing next to Dorothy,

Tsehay posted a throwback to her three-year-old self.

(Image: Instagram)

“How’s this for a throwback! 💛🌻🦖 @tsehay.hawkins first ever Wiggles concert, back in 2007!” Tsehay captioned the post alongside the hashtags “#howitstartedvshowitsgoing”, “#borntobeinyellow”, “#destiny” and “#fullcircle”.

In the comments, Wiggles fans couldn’t get enough of the comparison photos, with one writing: “That’s some serious manifesting. Fate right there.”

“Already in yellow! It was truly meant to be,” another wrote.

“This is too cute for words. It really is a dream come true for many performers.”

Tsehay joined The Wiggles after former Yellow Wiggle Emma Watkins departed.

(Image: Getty)

Tsehay joined The Wiggles in 2020 at just 15 years old after former Yellow Wiggle Emma Watkins departed.

The teen started as a backup performer and made her first appearance in the Wiggles’ viral TikTok of the dance trend Renegade.

In August 2021, it was announced that she would be a part of The Wiggles’ YouTube series Fruit Salad TV, which featured the most diverse cast ever.

In a statement from the company, they explained their decision to launch the platform.

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They were “Seeking to inspire a diverse audience with its gender-balanced and diverse cast,” so more children can “See themselves reflected on the screen”.

The teen talked to Junkee about joining the cast and why it was an essential step for the show.

“I didn’t realise how packed out The Wiggles shows were. So many kids, and it’s amazing to see their faces when Emma, Lachy, Simon, and Anthony get on stage,” she said.

“When kids see representation, they’re like, ‘Oh wow! She looks like me, I can do what I want to do, seeing her on TV’.”

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