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How dance prodigy Tsehay Hawkins earned her Yellow Wiggle skivvy at just 16-years-old

''I’m now incredibly excited and honoured to be joining them now in the yellow skivvy.''

By Faye Couros
At just 16-years-old high school student Tsehay Hawkins is stepping into Emma Watkins' shoes to become the Yellow Wiggle.
Emma broke the news of her departure on her Instagram, and she explained that pandemic made her rethink her busy touring schedule.
She also has plans to complete her PhD in film studies, and she wants to do more work for the deaf community.
Tsehay will take on Emma's legacy, and her impressive achievements in the world of dance already prove she is fit for the challenge.
The entertainer took to her Instagram to mark the monumental news, and she revealed The Wiggles played a big role in her childhood.
"I have some very exciting Wiggly news to share with you all! ✨," she began.
"I grew up watching The Wiggles and I've already loved working with Anthony, Emma, Simon, Lachy, Evie, Kelly, John and all the Wiggly characters filming their latest TV series Fruit Salad TV. 🙏🏾
"I'm now incredibly excited and honoured to be joining them now in the yellow skivvy and to have the chance to go out on the road in the new arena tour, I can't wait to meet all the Wiggly fans. 💛.
"Dancing has always been my passion, and I look forward to being able to share the joy of song and dance with children all over the world! Thank you to @emma_wiggle for leading the way!," she finished.
So, now that Emma has passed on her baton, who is dance prodigy Tseyhay Hawkins? Let's investigate.
The news of Tsehay's new role came as a surprise for fans of the show after Emma Watkins' shock departure. Instagram

Where did Tsehay Hawkins grow up?

The teenager grew up in Bargo, which is situated in the Macarthur region.
She has been homeschooled for a while because of her dance career.

What is Tsehay Hawkins’ adoption story?

Tsehay was born in Ethiopia, and at seven-months-old, she was adopted by her parents Robyn and Reg Hawkins.
She also has a little brother called Kindly, who was adopted from Colombia, and according to The Daily Telegraph, she became connected to Latin dance through his lineage.
She was born in Ethiopia and adopted by Australian parents. Instagram

What achievements has Tsehay Hawkins made in her dance career?

Tsehay isn't just a great dancer; she is a world champion!
She represented Australia at the World Latin Dance Championships, and she went on to win a whopping four world titles in Latin and Commercial Dance and 11 Australian titles.
If those achievements weren't enough, she is currently the Australian and World Youth Ladies Salsa and Urban Latin Champion and World Amateur Salsa and Urban Latin Champion.
She is a distinguished world champion for her efforts in dance. Instagram

How did Tsehay Hawkins' Wiggles career begin?

Tsehay joined the team in 2020 at 15-years-old, and she started as a backup performer who made her first appearance in the Wiggles' viral TikTok of the dance trend Renegade.
On August 23, 2021, it was announced that she would be a part of The Wiggles' new YouTube series called Fruit Salad TV, which features the most diverse cast ever.
In a statement from the company, they explained their decision to launch the platform.
They were "Seeking to inspire a diverse audience with its gender-balanced and diverse cast," so more children can "See themselves reflected on the screen".
The teen talked to Junkee about joining the cast and why it was an essential step for the show.
"I didn't realise how packed out The Wiggles shows were. So many kids, and it's amazing to see their faces when Emma, Lachy, Simon, and Anthony get on stage," she said.
"When kids see representation, they're like, 'Oh wow! She looks like me, I can do what I want to do, seeing her on TV'."
Tsehay is the second person of colour, after Jeff, to join the core cast.
"'Oh wow! She looks like me, I can do what I want to do, seeing her on TV'." Instagram

What is the special meaning behind Tsehay Hawkins’ name?

Tsehay derives from Amharic, and it translates to "The Sun." It's pronounced like Suh Hi.
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