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The Project’s Georgie Tunny pays tribute to fiancé Rob Mills following an emotional milestone

''You damn well did it!''
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On the rare occasion, The Project presenter Georgie Tunny will brag about her fiancé Robert Mills and she has done it again after the Australian actor has finally released his “spectacular” book.

The long-awaited book, Putting on a Show by Rob Mills was published October 11 and Georgie couldn’t be prouder.

Rob Mills used to star on Neighbours.

(Image: Instagram)

“IT’S OUT!” she revealed on Instagram.

“To watch @robmillsymills write this book has been a seesaw of emotions. Highs, lows and periods of stagnation. But he pushed through it all and created something spectacular.

“Men need to do better – for humanity but also for their own mental health.”

Although she preached his hard work and dedication behind writing the book, Georgie joked that she was “objective” when insisting her followers pick up the book.

Rob’s book was released on October 11.

(Image: Instagram)

“As an objective journalist with absolutely no personal interest in the matter, I implore you to read Putting On A Show so that all the people who SHOULD read it get the message and pick up a copy, too.”

“And to Robert, I say: you damn well did it!”

The book explores “who is the average Aussie bloke?” and how does this persona view his own mental health and gender roles regarding family, friendship, violence, sex and vulnerability.

Rob dropped down to one knee in 2021.

(Image: Instagram)

Rob discusses all these factors with experts and friends.

A week before the books official release, Rob gave his Instagram followers a sneak peak by posing beside the physical book with a wide grin.

“It’s here! I’m feeling equal parts awkward and excited,” he wrote.

“There’s the part of me that doesn’t feel worthy, scared even of judgement, even though I have done a lot of work on this book and myself.

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“And then there’s the other part that’s dying for people to read this. In the hopes that it shines a light on some really incredible people and their thoughts around Manhood, Mates and Mental Health. And for me to breathe a little easier.”

He continued to thank everyone who helped, with a special nod to journalist Paul Connolly.

“Thank you to all who contributed in either an interview or just in a walk and chat during lockdown,” Rob wrote.

Rob’s new book can be purchased online at Booktopia.

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