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Block winner has revealed his struggles with mental health

He has encouraged people to share their stories.
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WARNING: This article touches on mental health and sexual abuse. Those who find these subjects triggering are advised to not continue reading.

The Block winner Norm Hogan has spoken out on his mental health and has told his followers they are not alone.

In a post shared to Instagram, Norm revealed he has been seeking mental health treatments for the past three weeks after being sexually abused as a child.

Norm confessed he has been struggling via social media.

(Image: Instagram)

“Hi all Norm here. I’m not posting this for sympathy at all I am writing this as alot of people have been asking where I have been and I feel that now is the time to talk,” he wrote.

“I have been to a mental hospital for 3 weeks to sought my s— out. I was sexually abused as a kid at school. I haven’t spoken about it because I was stupidly embarrassed or thought there was something wrong with me.”

Norm noted he was sharing his story in the hopes “that it might actually help others to seek help, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.”


(Image: Instagram)

Jess Eva – who also won The Block with Norm – applauded his bravery to step forward.

“You spoke your truth, that you were so scared to do for so long. I pray your voice will help those that feel voiceless. I hope that your courage to speak out will inspire those to realise there is hope,” she wrote.

In Norm’s confession, he noted that he had “put her through” a lot in the previous 12 months and has impacted their relationships.

“The s— I have put Jess through the last 12 months is disgusting and has had a major effect on our relationship,” she said.

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“She has stood by me as me best mate and been my rock and im so grateful. I am trying to fix what ive put her through but we are side by side doin it together.”

However, Jess responded that “not giving up” on him has been easy: “You’ve done the hard work, you’ve lived through the trauma. This is your time to regain your power.”

To end his inspiration message, he told his followers that it is not “weak” or embarrassing to talk about past trauma or emotions.

“Sometimes love and friendship is about having hard conversations [that] we dont want to hear. It’s not about just the good times it’s about your partner not excepting that you can live a life of anxiety and depression and fighting for your happiness when ya don’t know what happiness is.

“And that was the hardest part to except. If you’re a partner don’t give up on us but be firm and don’t put up with being mistreated.

“If you’re a victim SPEAK UP AND BE HEARD,” he concluded.

If you or someone you know has been affected by any of the issues raised in this article, help is always available. Call 1800 RESPECT on 1800 737 732 or Lifeline on 13 11 14.

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