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Sam Frost’s Bachelorette ex Sasha Mielczarek has announced he’s engaged to his girlfriend Carly Cottam

''She said ‘You’ll do!’''
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There is going to be another Bachelorette alum wedding, and this time Sam Frost’s winner, Sasha Mielczarek, is walking down the aisle.

The 36-year-old announced his exciting news on Instagram by sharing a picture of himself down on one knee while he shared an intimate moment with his now-fiancée, Carly Cottam.

Accompanying the beautifully scenic engagement picture, Sasha penned a tribute to the moment and his love for Carly.

Sasha opted for a traditional proposal.

(Credit: Instagram)

“She said ‘You’ll do!’ I’m claiming it as a yes ☺️ Cheers to the most beautiful, kind and caring person I know. My best mate,” Sasha wrote in his caption.

“I love you all the world Carly and can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you! OH and good luck learning to spell my last name 😂 💍 #cantcallmeimengaged.”

A couple of hours later, he shared a black and white photo taken after Carly said yes, and re-quoted a sweet comment she’d made expressing how proud he is to share his life with her.

“Why do they call it one tree hill babe?! 🥴 I bloody love ya!” he wrote.

He posted a picture with Carly saluting the camera with champagne on his Instagram story, and he captioned the moment, “Cheers ya dawgs!”

Which was followed by another cheeky photo of the couple, and Sasha commented, “Let’s get a serious photo…ok.”

Sasha and Carly went Instagram official in December 2020.

(Credit: Instagram)

The former reality show contestant debuted his relationship with Carly in December 2020, four years after he broke up with Sam.

While Sasha has taken a more private approach to public life, he posted on Instagram to share his love for his new girlfriend.

He captioned a selfie, “Weekends away with this one. Can’t wait for many more to come.’ And he added the hashtags ‘get around her’ and ‘bloke’s punching.”

Sam and Sasha ended their relationship after 18 months together.

“I bloody love ya!”

(Credit: Instagram)

While they were adamant, there were no hard feelings between them, the Home and Away star eventually revealed she was cheated on in a cryptic post.

The admission came in the form of a very subtly placed comment on a Buzzfeed article titled: “25 Reasons People Gave For Cheating That Are, Somehow, More Disrespectful Than The Act Of Cheating”.

Sasha and Sam broke up after 18 months.

(Credit: Getty)

Sam tagged Sasha’s ex Tori May with this scathing response: “@torimay he once said Instagram must have hacked his account,” she began, “that’s why he had followed and messaged all these girls.”

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