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Terri Irwin’s heartwarming bonding moment with her newborn granddaughter Grace will pull at your heartstrings

This adorable moment is one for the picture books.
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Terri Irwin has shared a rare moment from her her precious bonding time with her newborn granddaughter, Grace, on Twitter, and the picture is truly perfect.

Terri officially became a grandmother in late March this year when her daughter Bindi and her son-in-law Chandler Powell welcomed their baby girl into the world.

The conservationist posted a picture of herself crouched down and holding the little bub in her arms as two curious chickens have a peek at the new human addition to Australia Zoo life.

Terri Irwin bonding with her granddaughter, Grace.

(Credit: Twitter)

Terri captioned the picture with the loving words, “Introducing Grace to some of the animals living in her backyard @AustraliaZoo.”

The newborn is so lucky to have a whole zoo as her backyard, and of course, her doting grandmother will ensure she makes acquaintance with all the cute animals.

In the lead up to becoming a grandmother, Terri, who is just 56, revealed the name she wanted to be called, and it is far from the more traditional names used for nanas.

But in a new interview with pregnancy website The Bump, Bindi Irwin, who was yet to give birth, revealed the family finally settled on a sweet grandma name for Terri.

“We decided that she’s going to be called ‘Bunny’. When she was growing up in Oregon her neighbour down the street was always called ‘Bunny.’ It only just dawned on us that it wasn’t her name but rather what everyone called her since she was a grandmother figure to the entire neighbourhood,” she explained of the sentimental meaning behind the title.

Bindi with her husband Chandler cradling their newborn daughter, Grace.

(Credit: Instagram)

Of course, there was one pre-requisite – it had to have an “animal link.”

“We spent a long time searching for grandma names that also had an animal link,” Bindi Irwin, 22, told the outlet.

She added that she can’t wait to see her mum become a grandmother: “My extraordinary mama is my best friend and I know that she is going to be such an amazing grandmother.”

The Irwin family when they were expecting.

(Credit: Instagram)

The brand new uncle to Grace, Robert Irwin, 17 also has a cute new name that veers from the traditional moniker.

“Robert has decided that ‘uncle’ needed an upgrade and he’s now calling himself the ‘funcle’ which means fun uncle. I love it,” revealed Bindi.

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