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The rivalry continues! Karl Stefanovic is called a ‘wimp’ live on Sunrise

''Karl remembers.''
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Popular morning shows, Sunrise and the Today show are not subtle about their ongoing feud as they compete for the best ratings.

Sunrise has thrown the latest punch, after a guest has called their rival host Karl Stefanovic a ‘wimp’.

Karl was called a ‘wimp’.

(Image: Instagram)

Channel Seven weatherman Sam Mac appeared live this morning from Broome while reporting on a camel with Red Sun Camels tour operator John to celebrate the company’s 22nd birthday.

“You’ve obviously had a lot of TV people, movie people. Who’s been the biggest wimp on a camel in your 22 years?” Sam asked.

“Oh, you’re going to love this,” John responded. “Karl Stefanovic.”

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Sunrise co-hosts Natalie Barr and David ‘Kochie’ Koch could not contain their laughter upon hearing their rival host’s name.

John explained why he labelled the Channel Nine host a ‘wimp’ while championing his former co-host and now The Project presenter Lisa Wilkinson.

“We did the Today show many years ago, and Lisa Wilkinson? Brave as hell, will do anything,” John said.

“Karl? Nup, big girl’s blouse.”

Sam insisted the answer wasn’t planned.

(Image: Instagram)

Although Natalie and Kochie found the drama hilarious, Sam insisted the camel handler’s answer was not planned prior to the live broadcast.

But John commented, “Karl remembers.”

“The camels are a great judge of character I’ve heard,” Sam said in one final dig.

This follows not long after Kochie sparked rumours he could be leaving the breakfast show after celebrating 20 years.

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To mark the special occasion, he shared 20 of his most “memorable” moments to Instagram. Including reporting on the Queen’s lying in state at Westminster Hall, climbing Kilimanjaro, meeting Katy Perry and covering the Macquarie Fields riots.

Kochie confessed his time on Sunrise has been “one of the great joys of [his] life.”

“It has been incredible. You can’t get up winter, summer the whole lot without doing it with people that you love dearly,” he continued, fighting back tears.

“Beretts, Nat, Eddy and Dave Walters who has been in our ear for twenty years as part of the team, so I’m very grateful. Thank you for having me for 20 years.”

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