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Sunrise’s Sam Mac celebrates a month with his beautiful “wrecking ball” daughter

''You are the most important person in our world.''
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It feels like only yesterday that Sunrise weatherman Sam Mac announced the arrival of his baby girl, but it’s already been a month since Margot Grace McMillan entered into the world.

His caption – which read more like a heartfelt and personal letter – reflected on his short time with his baby girl.

Margot was born in September.

(Image: Instagram)

“Dear Margot,” Sam began.

“You’re 1 month old today! & my goodness, you came in like a wrecking ball! It was always going to take a lot to see me relegated to 2nd biggest diva in the house, but you managed that in your first few hours. When you want something, oh my, do you let us know! Your face turns redder than Barnaby Joyce & your scream reaches 2 octaves higher than Jimmy Barnes.

“You appear to have a never ending supply of “surprises” shooting out of your mouth or bottom, sometimes both at the same time. You’re our very own mini Bellagio fountain.”

Sam was unbelievably excited from the moment he discovered he was going to be a father!

(Image: Instagram)

Sam continued to preach how eternally grateful he and partner Rebecca James is to have Margot “choose” them.

“You are the most important person in our world. We both can’t stop staring at you. Your tiny fingers, your little ear lobes, the fat rolls on your neck. Every part of you is perfect to us.

“We even stare at you while you’re sleeping (an activity that would normally have us placed on a watch-list).”

Margot gave Sam his “first performance review.”

(Image: Instagram)

While Sam see’s himself as “best supporting actor” and “Bath Boss” in the parenting world, he gave a shoutout to Rebecca for “giving [Margot] absolutely everything she’s got”.

“Sometimes she’s exhausted & in pain, but she doesn’t let you see that. She shows you nothing but love. It’s a privilege to see both of you grow together. You’ll be tough like your Mum one day, I have no doubt.”

“It’s very early days. We’re a brand new family working it all out together, bit by bit. It’s daunting, it’s tiring, but it’s mostly exhilarating. So much fun ahead for the 3 of us. & do you know what, I feel like you already have more in common with your dad than you might think.

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“We’re both extremely grumpy when woken up & we both have an unhealthy fixation on boobs. That’s my girl.

“Happy 1 Month Margot X.”

Just a few days after her birth, Sam posted a video of him breaking down in tears as he looked over a sleeping Margot. His more recent appreciation post proves that his fatherly love for his daughter is stronger than ever.

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