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Sophie Monk admits vulnerabilities within her marriage to Joshua Gross

Sophie Monk isn't afraid to admit that she has a jealous side when it comes to her husband Joshua Gross and other women
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Sophie Monk was un-lucky in love for quite some time, but now the TV host has found love with photographer Joshua Gross and obviously wants to hold on tight to the love of her life… even if that means she can be quite territorial at times!

Jealousy rears it’s ugly head with Sophie, as she revealed on last nights episode of Love Island Australia.

In the latest episode Sophie, who has been host of the reality TV show for all four seasons that it’s aired, had a sit down with the female ‘islanders’ to have a frank and open chat about love.

Over a serving of cocktails ‘the Monk’ grilled the girls about their feelings towards the boys in the villa that they’ve established love connections with.

But instead of the contestants being the ones to reveal all, Sophie was the one to let slip some surprising details about her own relationship with husband Joshua, who she married in April this year.

Sophie and Joshua eloped earlier this year.

(Image: Instagram)

When Sophie asked the girls about how they handle their partner kissing other girls in ‘challenges’, she quipped in to let the group know how she herself would feel being in their shoes.

“I am the most jealous partner in the world,” she said when asking the girls about their experiences.

She then went on to say, “My poor partner can look at a tree and a girl walks past and he’s in trouble!”

Sophie obviously fell hard and fast for Joshua, who she’s been with since August 2018.

Sophie Monk hosts Love Island Australia, which is airing now on Nine.

(Image: Nine)

She fell in love within the week, as she admitted when she told the girls how quickly she said ‘the L word’ to her now husband.

“I was the biggest loser. I said, ‘I love you’ to my husband the first week of meeting him. That’s almost like, serial killer bad! But I just knew.”

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“Did he say it back?” Love Island contestant Madeline asked, to which Sophie gushed: “He did.

“The first day I met him I said, ‘I know you’re going to want to marry me!’ and well, it was reverse psychology!”

The pair got engaged in January 2021.

(Image: Instagram)

Sophie’s love story is one for the books, as she met her soulmate when they were seated next to each other in business class on a flight.

Things moved quickly for the two as they shared a kiss mid-air, became engaged in January 2021 and tied the knot in April this year.

For their nuptials Sophie and Joshua chose to elope, sharing the surprising news with with their followers that they had tied the knot on social media.

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