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“It never goes away”: Simone Callahan talks about coping with grief after ex Shane Warne’s sudden death

They were together for a decade.
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Simone Callahan and Shane Warne divorced in 2005, long before the cricket legend’s sudden passing in Thailand in 2022 but the grief still changed Simone’s life and that of their three children, Brooke, Summer and Jackson.

In an interview with The Herald Sun, Simone opens up about how she has coped after the unexpected heart attack.

The pair divorced back in 2005.

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“The grief that we’re dealing with, it’s still fresh and it’s fluid. It never goes away,” Simone said.

After being married for a decade and having three children, not even divorce could turn the pair bitter as Shane was “always there for the kids.”

“It’s hard because it’s something I never expected would happen. Even though we were split up we still had a really good relationship with the kids and I never called myself a single parent or a single mum because I had Shane there,” she said.

Simone and Shane had three children together.

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“He was always there for the kids. It is just me and I am the sole caretaker so it’s a tricky one to navigate. It’s complicated but we’re getting there and doing our best. The kids have got to keep living and moving forward.”

She then turned to yoga teaching for peace, and her outlook on life has seemingly shaped her son’s Jackson who revealed in a previous Instagram post that he used his “trauma as energy for life”.

Simone said: “You can use your mind to be destructive or you can use it for strength and channel your energy in the way Jackson has for himself and getting stronger. It’s been an awful time and I’m grateful that I’ve got such great kids. They’re so grounded and I’m lucky.”

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“My yoga and meditation practice has been my little escape,” Simone said.

“My solace really and my little guide to my comforting shell. It’s nice that I have that and I like to share yoga and help other people as well.

“I’m a better person for having my yoga practice and I can bring that to (the kids). They are my No.1 priority. If I can bring some of my peace into their lives and what they’re going through, then I’m doing my job.”

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