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Jackson Warne opens up about dealing with his grief after Shane Warne’s passing

''Is Dad really not coming through the door?''
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Shane Warne’s son Jackson opened up about his father’s death and dealing with his grief on Ant Middleton’s podcast ‘Head Game’.

Jackson revealed the two moments that changed his life forever, when his Dad passed away and when he was the youngest recruit on Ant’s show, SAS Australia.

Jackson and Shane Warne were extremely close and now he finally opens up about his grief.

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Jackson reveals that he will “never be able to forget” where he was when he found out about his dad, Shane Warne’s, passing.

“Everything you ever knew just gets ‘whooshed’, life completely flips upside down,” he explains. He goes on to describe how after he got the call his mind just ran at a million miles per hour and after it stopped, he just sat in silence with it.

Jackson goes into depth about how he and his father shared many common interests and that he is truly in disbelief that he won’t be able to discuss them with him. “I’m still convinced that I’ll still have one conversation with my dad again… I’ll at least be talking to him one last time.”

He recalled that he had a dream of a flashback of when he and Shane would race and then all of a sudden “the cars merged and I was in the driver’s seat of his car. Then I looked to my left and he wasn’t there”.

Jackson believes this was his dad’s way of giving him permission to be in charge and step up for the family.

Jackson Warne, Summer Warne and Brooke Warne went to honour their dad Shane Warne during the Sport Australia Hall of Fame Victorian Celebration at Melbourne Cricket Ground in 2022.

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He understands now that his dad would be proud of him and it’s given him a chance to walk around with his head held high and be proud of himself.

Jackson knows he’s lucky that his dad will forever live on through stories and he’ll always be able to learn something new or meet someone who knew him.

“Everyone has a Shane Warne story,” Jackson proudly states.

He says that it’s all still “really raw” and that’s why he’s taken a while to talk about it and it hasn’t felt right.

Jackson opened up that he didn’t have enough time to even process the news before journalists were on his doorstep the next morning. “When we got the phone call that night, it would’ve been maybe six o’clock maybe six thirty in the morning when we had reporters.”

“It hadn’t even been 10 hours.”

Jackson Warne revealed because the death was so public he wasn’t able to deal with his grief until after Shane Warne’s state memorial.

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He wasn’t able to process any of it or be sad about it because he was too busy with Shane’s funeral and then the state memorial.

“Is that real? Is Dad really not coming through the door?” Jackson’s disbelief finally set in during the state memorial, having to speak to the public and acknowledge that his father is gone.

Jackson Warne shared that he has many memories of his dad surprising him, Shane would never let people know when he was coming home from work and would usually just turn up.

This was hard after his death, Jackson expressed he longed for his dad to surprise him and to somehow just walk through the door.

He revealed he’s learned to deal with the void now, “I’m just doing exactly what I know I should be doing and what dad would be proud of.”

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