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Shane Warne’s family speaks out against upcoming ‘Warnie’ mini-series

The family are protecting Warne's legacy.
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It’s been billed by Nine as the “must-see drama event of 2023” but the Warne family won’t be tuning in to watch!

“I think it’s a bit unkind and mean-spirited to be honest,” Simone Callahan, Shane’s ex-wife and the mother to his three children, Brooke, who turns 26 this week, Jackson, 24, and Summer, 21, revealed in a fiery interview with the Herald Sun.

“It’s my opinion. He’s just passed, let him rest in peace. And for the kids, I just believe that [Nine is] not showing any compassion at all by putting this out there in such a short amount of time after this has happened.”

Warne’s family have spoken out against the series.

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A source tells Woman’s Day the kids are mainly concerned about how their father, mum Simone and his ex-fiancee Elizabeth Hurley, 58, will be portrayed in the much-hyped miniseries Warnie, which reveals the headline-making moments of the late cricket star’s extraordinary life.

“The kids are worried that their dad is going to come across as a bit of a “yobbo”, when in fact he was a generous, loving dad who did so much for so many behind the scenes,” a friend of the family shares.

“They’re also worried about how Simone will feel having her entire life stripped bare by an actress she doesn’t even know. She is so private. Everyone is worried it’s going to be cringeworthy and tacky… they’re secretly hoping it’s a complete ratings flop!”

Callahan will be played by Marny Kennedy.

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Brooke initially slammed Nine, calling them “beyond disrespectful” over plans to make the telemovie just six months after her father’s sudden and tragic passing in March 2022.

And while it was reported that she came to support the project, the star of the TV show, Alex Williams, revealed he had no contact with the Warne family during filming.

One thing’s for sure, if they disrespect her family or father’s memory, Brooke will have something to say about it.

“Brooke is the most protective and the most vocal of all the kids and you can bet that if Brooke thinks her family or her dad’s ex Liz have been wrongly portrayed, there’ll be fireworks!” says the insider.

Brooke is protecting her father’s legacy.

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