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“No social skills, no awareness”: Survivor star Moana Hope slams Scott Morrison for his comments about people with disabilities

''I cannot believe this guy has been running our country.''
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Former Survivor star Moana Hope has called out Scott Morrison for making disrespectful comments about people and children living with disabilities.

During a press conference on Wednesday ahead of the May 21 Federal Election, the prime minister was asked by a mother of an autistic boy about the future of the national disability insurance scheme (NDIS).

“I’ve been blessed, we’ve got two children that don’t … haven’t had to go through that. And so for parents, with children who are disabled, I can only try and understand your aspirations for those children,” he said.

In an emotional Instagram video, Moana said Scott Morrison’s comments were disrespectful.

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His insensitive comments sparked anger with Moana, whose younger sister Vinny lives with a rare neurological condition called Moebius syndrome.

Taking to Instagram on Thursday morning, Moana, who is pregnant with her and wife Isabella Carlstrom’s second child slammed Scott for insinuating that parents of children with disabilities aren’t “blessed”.

“I cannot believe this guy has been running our country,” Moana said in the emotional video.

Moana’s younger sister Vinny lives with a rare neurological condition called Moebius syndrome.

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“What he said is the most disrespectful, stupidest thing I’ve ever, ever heard, not to mention f–king hurtful to people who have children or family members with disabilities.

“You would think that he has no social skills, no awareness. He has no knowledge. The thing is, I’m not even surprised because he’s f–ked over disability people since he came into the role.”

When referencing Scott’s comments that he and wife Jenny are blessed, Moana said: “What does that make everyone else that has a child with disabilities… does that make them unblessed?”

The 34-year-old went on to say that she has never liked the embattled PM, so his words didn’t “surprise” her.

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Moana wasn’t the only one to express outrage over Scott’s statement. Autism Awareness Australia said his remarks were “disgraceful”.

“Perhaps you should spend more time fixing and fully funding our NDIS, and less time counting your ‘blessings’,” the not-for-profit organisation said.

Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese, former Labor Leader Bill Shorten and current and former Australians of the Year Dylan Alcott and Grace Tame also criticised the PM for his comments.

Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese also slammed Scott Morrison for saying he’s “blessed” to not have kids with disabilities.

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“ScoMo says he is “blessed” to have two non disabled children. Every child is a blessing. The NDIS is there to help people with disability live their lives to the fullest,” Bill, the former Labor leader and architect of the NDIS, said.

“The Morrison Gov has slashed NDIS plans for 1000s of children around Australia. Labor will fix the NDIS.”

Grace, who is on the autism spectrum, tweeted: “Autism blesses those of us who have it with the ability to spot fakes from a mile off.”

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