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EXCLUSIVE! Schapelle Corby: A miracle baby at 42

On a romantic holiday with her boyfriend Ben, Schapelle reveals their exciting news.
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Two years after returning home to Australia, Schapelle Corby has revealed she’s baby ready at last!

Speaking exclusively to Woman’s Day during a recent romantic trip to Thailand, where she was reunited with her Balinese boyfriend Ben Panangian, Schapelle said the couple had one goal in mind during their getaway – to fall pregnant.

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“We’ve been able to meet each other once per year since my deportation from Bali two years ago,” Schapelle reveals.

“Last year we met in My Khe Becach, Da Nang, Vietnam. And this year Phuket, Thailand.”

“We are hoping to become pregnant on this trip together. I’m 42 this year and Ben is 38.”

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The long-distance lovers catch-up with each other on overseas holidays. (Image: Supplied)

“[The] Big Buddha was our first place of sightseeing, where we prayed for safe travels and gave thanks for being able to travel.”

“We continued our temple-praying journey throughout our time in Phuket, praying in the hope of being blessed with pregnancy.”

“We’re starting our day at 6.30am with a 45-minute jog together. It’s important to us to keep up our fitness on our travels, again as we are hoping to conceive.”

“We are hoping to become pregnant on this trip together,” Schapelle tells Woman’s Day. (Image: Supplied)

The convicted drug smuggler is “grateful to be able to travel.” (Image: Supplied)

The couple met in 2006 at Kerobokan prison, where Ben was serving a three-and-a-half year sentence for drug possession. As Ben has a criminal record, it’s unlikely the Australian government will allow him a visa.

“Our two weeks a year together is precious,” Schapelle says.

“We are grateful to be able to travel and meet each other. Ben is my best friend. We keep our relationship going through daily video chats.”

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