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Samuel Johnson’s charity is now selling sex toys, so you can feel good and help fight cancer at the same time

''Cancer wreaks havoc on patients' sex lives and no one is talking about it, so f--k it.''
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Australian actor Samuel Johnson has dedicated the latter part of his career to raising money and awareness for cancer research through the charity Love Your Sister he cofounded with his late sister Connie.

Connie died of cancer in 2017 but Love Your Sister continued, raising more than $10 million since began, serving as a support system for cancer sufferers around Australia.

Now the Secret Life Of Us actor has found another way to raise much-needed funds for cancer research, as well as starting an important conversation about the impact cancer treatment drugs can have on patients’ sex lives. Sam has launched a new initiative called Love Your Sister After Dark.

The charity has partnered with sex toy brand Wild Secrets and now sells a range of sex toys on the Love Your Sister official website.

Samuel Johnson’s charity is now selling sex toys.

(Image: Instagram)

Sam announced the new project on Instagram this week.

“My charity is selling sex toys as of now. Why on earth? To provide men and women who’ve experienced cancer pathways towards a new sexual identity post-treatment,” Sam wrote.

“Cancer wreaks havoc on patients’ sex lives and no one is talking about it, so f–k it. Why else? To raise money for cancer research so that we can ultimately avoid such f–kery.”

He added: “I’m calling it the ‘After Dark’ range. I’ve cloned a shop so that the kiddies can still shop in our regular market. Tag your cancer-affected friends? Guys AND girls, this is for everyone. Connie told me to vanquish cancer and to do it with joy. Tick.”

Sam and Connie pictured before her death in 2017.

(Image: Supplied)

There are 12 products stocked on the official Love Your Sister website, which range in price from $31 to $330.

“Whether it’s a party for one, or some sexual healing with your partner, it’s time to chuck on some Barry White and get groovy! May we vanquish cancer together with joy!” the website states.

You can shop the full range online here.

Connie died in 2017 at age 40 following a lifelong battle with cancer. She is survived by her husband Mike and their two sons, Willoughby and Hamilton.

WATCH BELOW: Samuel Johnson reveals his final moments with his sister Connie.

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