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Samuel Johnson shares a bittersweet update after being hit by a car and hospitalised for more than a month

“I got into a dust-up with a small vehicle and lost badly!”
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Samuel Joshnson is finally home after a harrowing car accident left him in hospital for over a month.

The Home And Away alum shared an update on his condition on Monday night via the Facebook page for his charity, Love Your Sister.

Posting a snap of himself his eldest sister Hilde Hinton, Sam reassured fans that he was on the road to making a full recovery.

Sam shared this photo of him with sister Hilde.

(Credit: Facebook)

“Woot, I’m home! So, I got into a dust-up with a small white vehicle, and lost badly!” Sam revealed in a lengthy caption.

“Huge props to the gang at Ambulance Victoria, VicPol, The Alfred and The Epworth for putting this Humpty back together again.

“Won’t bore you with all the medical stuffski, suffice to say I’ve been surrounded by a gang of experts, including the Occupational Therapist, who says it’s OK for me to go back to work on ‘light duties’ today!”

In the photo Sam is clearly wearing a neck brace, which he said he will have to keep on for at least another four weeks.

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He went on to share some minor details from the car accident that hospitalised him in late June.

Hilde was the one to break news of the collision to Sam’s fans at the time, via the Love Your Sister Facebook page.

Now the Eden star has shared these details: “When you’ve been hit by a vehicle, little or otherwise, it can take a while to un-wonk yourself.

“Full recovery is within my grasp, I’ve just got a lot more work ahead of me. I feel very lucky to be OK, but I’m worried about what cancer is getting away with whilst I am on the mend.”

Sam and Hilde both campaign for cancer research funding in honour of their late sister Connie.

(Credit: Australian Women’s Weekly)

He also called for concerned fans to donate – but not to his recovery.

Sam urged people to give to the Love Your Sister charity, which raises money for cancer research after he and Hilde lost their sister Connie to the illness in 2017.

Ever positive in the face of adversity, Sam signed off with a light-hearted joke.

“In the meantime, I’ve got a date with a hydrotherapy pool. Be right back! x sambo. Slightly Wobbly Unicyclist,” he wrote.

Fans flooded the post with messages of support, wishing Sam the best in his recovery and urging him to take his time to heal.

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