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Sunrise’s Sam Mac has penned a touching love letter to his partner Rebecca

The weatherman filmed himself as he read the touching letter to his love Rebecca.
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As the weatherman on Sunrise, Sam Mac has a way with words as he makes viewers laugh and smile along to what would otherwise be a boring weather segment.

Now Sam has proven that he’s not just good with speaking words – but writing them also – as he has shared a love letter he’s written for his partner, stylist Rebecca James.

The letter is printed in Dear Lover, a book from Samuel Johnson to raise money for cancer research after he lost his sister to the disease.

The funny, revealing and soul-stirring collection of letters are written by notable Australians including Turia Pitt and Larry Emdur.

Sam’s love letter is printed in Dear Lover, edited by Samuel Johnson OAM. Buy here from Booktopia.

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But we didn’t need to purchase the book to find out what Sam has written to the mother of his child, as he has posted a video of him reading the letter to an emotional Rebecca.

Prior to reading out what he had written for the book, Sam explained that he had written this just one week after becoming a father to the couples baby, Margot Grace McMillan.

This explains why the focus of the letter is reflecting on the emotional connection between the couple as Rebecca gave birth to Margot.

‘You kept pushing and pushing and pushing… Using just our eyes to communicate, we found a language only we understood.

‘There may have been other people, other voices in that delivery room, but gradually they faded away. It was just you and me and the unspoken connection.’

Sam added: ‘You were calm, strong and determined. You put your body on the line for our little family and it’s something I will never forget.’

‘I fell in love with you another 100 times that night [you gave birth to our daughter]. And even though this is a letter to you, I’ll be CC-ing Margot, because one day I want her to read it and learn all about her fearless mumma,’ Sam read

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In March 2022, the weatherman revealed to TV WEEK that before Rebecca he wasn’t “lucky or unlucky in love I was just non-existent in love.”

The couple met when a mutual friend connected them on Instagram, and after six months of Zooms, messages, and calls in lockdown during 2020, they finally met in person when Rebecca flew from Melbourne to Sydney.

They didn’t waste time getting serious, and over a year later, they finished renovating their house and then welcomed baby Margot into the world in September 2022.

The couple just recently celebrated Margot’s first Christmas.

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In July last year, Rebecca posted her own love letter to her beau, with an Instagram post listing off all the things she loves about the TV personality.

The appreciation post listed many things Sam does for his partner, including “plays guitar and sings for bub and I, provides daily LOL’s even on hard days, holds my hand (very tight) at all times, is the best big spoon, randomly brings home flowers and a handwritten card.”

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