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EXCLUSIVE: Dancing With The Stars' Sam Mac talks wedding plans with girlfriend Rebecca James

''We laugh every single day.''

By Wade Sellers
For most of us the idea of waltzing around a ballroom floor in front of a panel of esteemed dancers and hundreds of thousands of viewers would be a nightmare.
But Sunrise weatherman and Dancing With The Stars wildcard Sam Mac is waltzing straight into the challenge.
"Being a part of something as enormous as DWTS is so exciting to me," he tells Woman's Day.
"It's old-school showbiz. It's a lot of sequins, offensive spray tans – it's Daryl Somers! And as a bit of a TV nerd, it's just amazing to be a part of that universe."
And just as easily as the 39-year-old has flung himself into the new realm of skin-tight costumes and the cha-cha-cha, he's also seamlessly slipped into the next phase with his girlfriend, Rebecca James.
Sam and girlfriend Rebecca James recently bought their first property together in Sydney. (Image: Phillip Castleton/Are Media)
The loved-up pair, who met at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, have recently bought their first property together in Sydney and are well on their way to transforming it into their forever home.
"It's definitely all happened on fast forward, but why not?" Sam admits.
"If you see something, or meet someone and you have a connection, why would you not go for it? Because you don't know when things will be taken away from you.
"From my perspective, [the pandemic] made me so much more proactive and I thought, 'OK, well how do we get to spend more time together?' and inevitably that meant we would live together," he laughs.
"It's so great. We laugh every single day." (Image: Phillip Castleton/Are Media)
Now the pair are halfway through their renovations and while the stresses of building a home together can put the strongest of couples to the test, Sam and Bec's relationship has only grown stronger.
"I see her in an even better light now!" he says.
"It certainly has its challenges. I never thought I'd be in passionate six-hour long conversations about five different shades of green tiles, but I think we balance each other out well."
"I'm very particular about everything," Bec, a stylist, interjects.
"But Sam appreciates my attention to detail, and I appreciate what he has to look after, so it works well."
And while they haven't made room for a nursery just yet – they're concentrating on their "fur babies" for now – they can certainly see another huge milestone on the horizon.
"A wedding one day would be beautiful," Sam admits, adding, "We just need to get through the renovation first!"
That and dancing around their half-finished living room to gangster rap!
Sam and Rebecca envision a wedding down the track. (Image: Phillip Castleton/Are Media)
"It's so great. We laugh every single day," Bec says, adding, "I love the journey we're on."
Adds Sam, "The most important thing is how happy we are. That's all we need to focus on, and the rest will fall into place in due course.
"I don't think our dancing will help me on DWTS though. I don't think the orchestra will be able to drop a [rapper] Biggie Smalls track just like that," he laughs.

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